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drawn in 3 hours 29 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
elly (Aug 19, 2006)
Just updating this to "finished" to clear out the 'ole studio. No more space to draw on this one anymore. I know I can request more space but I'd rather just have room to start another drawing =)
elly (Aug 19, 2006)
drawn in 46 min
poison_ivy (Aug 19, 2006)
welcome to 2draw....may i say i love the way the water slides off the rocks....nice first drawing and i hope u enjoy certainly is the most addictive site ive come across!!
Sweetcell (Aug 19, 2006)
Good first try, I suggest using the soft brush, it won't leave as ragged an egde, have fun here. And welcome.
Fiesta (Aug 19, 2006)
How much are tablets anyways?
Great picture by the way!
~Wolf~ (Aug 19, 2006)
Ooooo, I like this a lot.
davincipoppalag (Aug 19, 2006)
WElcome! This is quite pretty!
snowysnowy (Aug 19, 2006)
well, it looks amazing so far!
Qwerty_Wittle_Fawah (Aug 19, 2006)
I really like this...I like the jagged edges on the waterfall...lascaux isnt my favorite...but it is the easiest but just to let you know oekaki is awesome (once you get the hang of it) oh yeah...

and welcome :)
elly (edited Aug 19, 2006)
drawn in 2 hours 42 min
ugh. looks like I lost some values in my water. back to the "drawing board" lol. I seem to be having some problems with pixels. I can smooth them out, but then they seem to reappear somewhere else! I've used the softest brush I know to get too. (I'm still very new at this so I have lots to learn yet!). Does anyone know any settings I can use to fix the pixel problem?

Well, looks like I reached my limit of space on this one. That was fast! I don't think this drawing is worth it to ask for more space either. Oh well, live and learn =o)
KuteDymples (Aug 19, 2006)
Elly this is really cool. I like it much better here than on the last site we were on. By the way, when I bought my table a couple of years ago I paid right around $100 for it but I imagine they are cheaper now. Yes, if you set opaque slider a little less and the slider under that (I forgot what it is called) to halfway or less your pixels will not show. I learned that from some really sweet peeps on here when I was doing my "Pink Rose" It took me 12 submissions before I got it to look as smooth as it is now. Your drawing is quite worth asking for more space. Don't hesitate! They are very nice about it, they granted me more space 3 times on one of my drawings.
Sweetcell (Aug 19, 2006)
Well this is looking fantastic. Ask Marcello, or Maiko, or Zack, or Visceral Vamp for more space, they aim to please.

As KD said, set your Opacity and Flow (beneath the opacity slider) to med/low you'll get less sharp edges, and remember to have anti alias on, and blend, it'll help belnd in the colors a little more and make it smoother. For lighter colors though when you have blend on you have to slide the opacity and flow a little higher so it doesn't turn dark.

You have a great beggining and hope to see it finished.
elly (Aug 19, 2006)
thanks y'all, I appreciate the tips! I did some reading of the instructions, which I should have done right off, and I saw the info about opacity and flow. I wondered what those were for!!! LOL I'll think about asking for more space but for now, I'm working with some of the other boards. I'm sure I'll end up with more Q's very soon! Like now, is there an option to view drawings by rating? Say I only wanted to view drawings rated "everyone", or "13+", is there an option to do that? I can't seem to find one anyway.
Thanks again!
Sweetcell (Aug 19, 2006)
Elly, click on thre upper right corner of the page Mystudio@2draw, it'll take you to your studio page where it shows all the unfinished pieces in your studio. Scroll down and bottom right click Your Profile, scroll down again and bottom right click 2drawnetcontrolpanel, then click Privacy/Ratings Preferences, then just clikc what you want. Hope that helps. There's probably a quicker way but that's how I do it.
elly (Aug 20, 2006)
Thank you Sweetcell. Yes, I found the rating preferences when I registered originally but that's not what I meant. Maybe I didn't word it correctly. What I meant to ask was say I wanted to look at other people's drawings that are all rated 13+. Is there a way to do that?
davincipoppalag (Aug 20, 2006)
Not can only browse their pics by browsing boards or their "search 13+ " feature
poison_ivy (Aug 20, 2006)
ok, ur startin to make me jealous!!!!! why am i so less talented *weeps* ....... but god ur good!!! u should b up in intermediate soon!
elly (Aug 20, 2006)
poison ivy, you are talented! Everyone has been given some talent or's just a matter of developing it!!! Use it, use it, use it!!!!
Trip-Machine (Sep 1, 2006)
Gosh, this is awesome!
Qwerty_Wittle_Fawah (Sep 1, 2006)
ooh very nice I like the steam? or foggy whatever its called that sits over the water very nice
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