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Zack (edited Jul 9, 2006)
Contest Week 21: Self-Portraits

Your goal this week simply is to draw yourself, using any style you choose. You are not required to post your reference(s), but if you do it may help boost your creativity or skill scoring. If you want to post your reference but do not wish for all of 2draw to see it, you can simply memo me a link to it.

Here are some outstanding self-portraits to inspire you:
Frank Frazetta
Vincent van Gogh
M.C. Escher
Edward Hopper

Here are some ideas (take them or leave them): you could have a simple background, or maybe a background of some place you would like to be, or a background with things in it that reflect your interests. You might try a very different color scheme from your reference to emphasize a particular emotion. You might try to portray yourself as you feel about yourself, or how you think others see you, or even how you would like others to see you. These are of course only suggestions; do not limit yourself to these options.

How to upload and link a reference picture:
Go to and click the "Browse" button. Find the picture file on your computer and then click "Upload Image." The next page will give you several link options; copy the one simply marked as "Link." Then paste the link either in your picture's description or in a memo to me.

Note that this method is a public upload; technically anyone on the internet will be able to browse through that site and grab your image. But if that makes you feel insecure, think about this: they receive about a dozen pictures of people a second. If you still would prefer not to upload your picture publically, please contact me via memo or on AIM.

Contest Week 21 will be open for entries from Sunday, July 2nd 9:00 PM PST to Saturday, July 8th 11:59 PM PST.


Creativity: The amount of imagination, originality and expressiveness that was put into the entry.
Technique & Effort: The amount of style, skill and craft that was put into the entry.
Following the Theme: How well the entry followed the theme of the contest.

Please memo Cloxboy or Zack if you have any questions or comments about the Contest Board. You may also leave your questions and comments on this thread but we prefer you memo us if your query requires lengthy discussion.

For more information about the 2Draw Contest Board and a record of past contest winners, please look at the 2Draw Contest Board Welcome Page.

1st: Wanna soda? by Cloxboy
2nd: lunchbox by Axil62
3rd: Snakes in a crowd! by Marcello

Because there were so many entries (around 30) I've decided to give three awards for Honorable Mention as well:
Look, I'm being stupid! by BunnySlippers
Deinos Saurus by Deinos
a dramatic portrait of the arTEEST by Snoozy27

Additionally, if anyone would like for me to give a detailed critique of their entry I would be glad to. Thanks for all the great entries!
Kloxboy (Jul 2, 2006)
I may enter this contest, I don't expect to win but it gives me an excuse to draw myself...again. ;)
SanzoGirl (Jul 2, 2006)
Yay! :D
I'd enter if I could draw realism.
I can't wait to see the entries for this one! x3
squee (Jul 2, 2006)
I knew this was coming. Let's have fun shall we?
Zeal (Jul 2, 2006)
I was just thinking about drawing myself X_X

Deino (Jul 2, 2006)
Aweosome! I would love to participate x)
Pakasutemanshikuka (edited Jul 3, 2006)
haha this is my favourite contest ever =]!
I'm thinking should I try this one :00!!
I agree with Sanzo, I can't wait to see the entries~~

edit. Blah, I can't try this oneee D::<<
Renuar (Jul 3, 2006)
hmm, maybe.
patienceisoverrated (Jul 3, 2006)
this looks like fun
DoOp (Jul 3, 2006)
i'd rather draw zack then myself ;o heheh this contest sounds uberly fun tho *0*
Kloxboy (Jul 3, 2006)
This contest is going to be hard to judge. I'll be sure to enter if my dsl ever gets fixed.
Zack (Jul 4, 2006)
Sanzo: All styles are welcome for this contest. You can draw a cartoony or anime self-portrait if you want to. :)

I'm excited by all the great entries already being worked on. Clox is right, this is going to be a tough contest to judge.
ssmario100 (Jul 4, 2006)
I'll try my best.=D
Nightmare (Jul 4, 2006)
Can you submit previous portraits, or does it have to be a fresh piece?
marcello (Jul 4, 2006)
Has to be drawn for the contest... and if that weren't a requirement, you're unlikely to win by doing that, because it's pretty cheap.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jul 4, 2006)
I think I might not enter this one just because it almost certainly requires that we use a reference of some sort, (or I would have to, anyway) and that is sooooo uncreative. *digs* haha
Deino (Jul 4, 2006)
Maybe you can find or do a reference of yourself in an original way Deadly, perhaphs you reflected in a gun :D
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jul 4, 2006)
Sure, it could happen. :)
marcello (Jul 4, 2006)
Reference doesn't mean copying a photo... you could use a mirror.
Or if you really want to be badass, draw from memory.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Jul 4, 2006)
Uhuh... it could happen. (please note I never said photo, I said "reference of some sort") I just felt like *poking* at Zack, go ahead spoil it for me, fine. <:(.... :)

so, If I use a Penthouse centerfold spread, is that considered a photo reference, and do I include the page fold creases and the little staple marks? (soooooo kidding:)
marcello (Jul 4, 2006)
I don't know, do you?
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jul 4, 2006)
I guess the correct terminology of the question would have been better worded as "should I"? I don't know, either. :)
Anna (Jul 4, 2006)
This is a great theme for the Contest. Can't wait to see all the entries! Good choice guys! :-)
Zack (Jul 5, 2006)
DBA, please stop giving people the impression that I think the use of references is uncreative, because that isn't my standpoint at all and you know it. I'm serious. I don't appreciate it. Please joke about something else.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jul 5, 2006)
Yes, your Honor, I'll stop. All of the above was pretty obviously in jest, but ok. :)
NOVEMBER93 (Jul 5, 2006)
i was thinking about trying this one, with maybe an anime/realism type thing.

i'm sure all of the entries will be awsome (except for mine if i enter ^^;)
Orkdoop (Jul 5, 2006)
weee!! I enterd.
davincipoppalag (Jul 6, 2006)
and you could win, too Jessica...
Zack (Jul 9, 2006)
Over 30 entries! Wow! I'm still judging right now, and I think I've narrowed it down to the top 6. The final winners will be announced shortly.
frootcake (Jul 9, 2006)
yea it was always going to be damn popular, but some great entries, no clear winner imo
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