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drawn in 4 hours 38 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
2 versions
2 hours 8 min
3 versions
1 hour 7 min
30 min
52 min
judas-priest66610 (Jun 4, 2006)
This is seraphon, he is amost finished, need to do more shading. This picture is for my friend Ferril-sama.
judas-priest66610 (Jun 4, 2006)
drawn in 57 min
judas-priest66610 (Jun 4, 2006)
drawn in 1 hour 10 min
mist-Hunter (Jun 7, 2006)
drawn in 8 min
sorry about the color disappearing britt we couldn't get it back everytime it loaded it had no color at all so we have to redo it......please don't hate me.
kuramaandhiei (Jun 7, 2006)
drawn in 30 min
just making the skin tone right now
mist-Hunter (Jun 7, 2006)
drawn in 27 min
i love seraphon's hair so i really don't want anyone to touch teh hair kk?
mist-Hunter (Jun 7, 2006)
drawn in 32 min
kuramaandhiei (Jun 7, 2006)
NOVEMBER93 (Jun 7, 2006)
personally, i like the eyes noe
mist-Hunter (Jun 7, 2006)
well me and judas-priest came to an agreement and she told me to fix them. I like them more now they make the wolf demon in him show more.
Knockoff (Jun 7, 2006)
The others eyes were better but they didn't match the characters crapy style of lineart and stuff.
Akechi456 (Jun 10, 2006)
I liked the eyes better in version 2.
mist-Hunter (Jun 10, 2006)
yes the eyes in v 2 are the best but I cannot draw eyes like my friend can.
senshi (Jun 17, 2006)
These kind of eyes are great for demons, especially with blue hair. He's a WOLF DEMON!? AWESOME!!
judas-priest66610 (Jun 19, 2006)
hee hee, i might change the eyes....
SanzoGirl (edited Jun 19, 2006)
I liked everything in version 2 better. :/ Sorry.
But, the adorable pubes makes up for it. :D~
I'd like to help make the lineart better. :x
Akechi456 (edited Jun 19, 2006)
I was looking at the versions,and I noticed that kuramaandhiei just completely erased the eyes,background,and all the color.I'm just wondering..why would you do that?

EDI:Never mind.=____=; I'm so stupid.
mist-Hunter (Jun 19, 2006)
yes yes the pubes make up for everything loss i'm so happy with teh results of tis picture my best friend drew heh heh and judas will probably say yes for the lineart thing lol she's really a good person believe me.
SanzoGirl (Jun 20, 2006)
Yay! :D
Oh, and by the way, do you want the skin under the fishnest to not be colored or something?
Can I re-color the skin too? It looks kinda weird. ~_~;
mist-Hunter (Jun 20, 2006)
judas-priest says yes (i'm her real life closest friend lol she told me to write)
SanzoGirl (edited Jun 21, 2006)
Yay! :D
It's locked. T_T
xiahou_dun_rocks (Jun 30, 2006)
the hair is all like SHINY and stuffs!
SanzoGirl (Jul 6, 2006)
drawn in 52 min
Okay, done. ^_^
I hope you like it!
If you don't, uhm, I'm sorry. >_>;
judas-priest66610 (Jul 8, 2006)
sorry i havnt been on. I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!! u made it look better then i had it ^^ Thank you so much
Sweetcell (edited Jul 10, 2006)
I really think the eyes need to be fixed, lowered and the left (on our right) needs to be brought in closer to the nose. I liked the eyes in V2 myself.

Love the fishnet, and hey, little pubes.

The background in V2 was better as well.
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