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drawn in 2 hours 5 min with Lascaux Sketch
artguy79 (May 7, 2006)
wonders if he'll catch something
artguy79 (May 7, 2006)
drawn in 1 hour 9 min
artguy79 (May 7, 2006)
drawn in 54 min
artguy79 (May 7, 2006)
drawn in 2 min
Shanghai (May 7, 2006)
I bet something will catch him! =O

also the colors are really cool looking~
solve (May 7, 2006)
Reminds me of one of the best boss fights of all time, the salamander from RE4!

I like this just for making me think of that. Just remember, when it steers you towards floating debris, put the harpoon down and guide the boat.
Roytje (May 7, 2006)
This is beautiful! I love the colors.
Qwerty_Wittle_Fawah (May 8, 2006)
omg this is hilarious...I love this the water complements the sky very well...I love the irony too...I think you are talking about the huge monster in the water that will catch something badumCH! hehe
DeadlyBlondeArcher (May 8, 2006)
If he were "bowfishing" that reptile might think twice. :)
SYTHE (May 12, 2006)
Bowfishing?!? Come on, that's like shooting fish in a barrel (nerd laugh), funny pic.
Anna (May 29, 2007)
lol nice one. its a little 'redpanda'ish. lol
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