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drawn in 1 hour 51 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Gigandas (Apr 27, 2006)
Put a random feeling into a quick drawing.
Gigandas (Apr 27, 2006)
drawn in 1 hour 51 min
woah_pockster (Apr 27, 2006)
creepy face >_< I like that nose =]
Kloxboy (Apr 27, 2006)
Ineed, the world can be a confusing place. Interesting mix of elements. Does it say your name on his head?
Axil62 (Apr 27, 2006)
I bet it says love
davincipoppalag (Apr 27, 2006)
I know what it means. I agree..
Kloxboy (edited Apr 27, 2006)
Axil: Yeah, then where is the O in Love? Unless he spelled it LUV but I doubt it. I can make his name out, that's about it, of course, at this point, he's the only one who really knows.
Axil62 (Apr 27, 2006)
Clox: We should go someplace for a beer and talk about it.
Kloxboy (edited Apr 27, 2006)
Dan: That's okay, I think I've said my piece on the matter. Beer is great with steak but when it comes to just sitting around and shooting the breeze, whiskey is my poison of choice.
Gigandas (edited Apr 27, 2006)
The top of the head is supposed to be a semi-abstract world in the form of a maze; also acts as a hat/helmet/brain (and if you look over to the right bit, you'll find the third question mark included in the maze).
DoOp (Apr 27, 2006)
not your style, i love it ;D hehe ^_^ abstract is good 'casue i sucka t it! WOOT! :] hehe personally i thought it looked liek you were stuck on some hard question and you're over thinking it :3 dunno, still looks pretty cool ;D
Sweetcell (Apr 27, 2006)
Especially for him. Amazing piece, I'm trying to do more of this sort. Takes notes.
fleeting_memory (Apr 27, 2006)
I saw this and was like whoa weird but the questionmark for an ear is so cool I must comment. Got in here and it was YOURS! Took me by surprise-see I told you you could be creative! Awesome.
friend (Apr 28, 2006)
Quick drawing? You must have lots of spare time. Sweet job man!
SimplyX (Apr 28, 2006)
and they say it's not easy being "blue." and they say the green-eyed monster gets "jealous." pheh. but I love the red face. what it's saying is: "Ahhh, look how pretty I AM." lol Cool picture.
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