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This oh-so-awesome user has chosen not to submit a oh-so-hot-looking profile, so here are some random LAME ideas instead. Courtesy of the idea box.

Suring you could be drawing a criminal saying, "is it hot in heRRe?" Nelly-style with incredible speed, right now?
Or a mediocre mexican like in that movie "The Mexican"?
Or a beautiful ogre marrying a repulsive princess carefully?
Or a retarded Hamtaro saying, "all your base are belong to us"?
Or a shoeball?
Or a complicated rock star wearing a socialite (aka Paris Hilton)?

"One day, I was sucking up something that's big, creamy and white (and delicious, mmm) and the next thing I knew it clogged up the tube and then I realised why I shouldn't have done it. I told my friend who's good at fixing these kinds of things and told me that I've been a bad BAD girl. Now I know how to better use a vacuum cleaner!" -Anonymouser
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thumbnail i love the red!!!! excellent.
Apr 28, 2006
thumbnail neat coloring!! where's the tail?
Apr 28, 2006
thumbnail shaving cream, anyone? lol nah I love teh fuzzies on this. cool. gr8 job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 28, 2006
thumbnail Teddys are so cute. I love this.
Apr 28, 2006
thumbnail and they say it's not easy being "blue." and they say the green-eyed monster gets "jealous." pheh. b...
Apr 28, 2006
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