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xswirvex (Apr 13, 2006)
im painting my walls and i went through a couple idea's for murals to paint on my walls such as Retro/abstract designs to "cartoons over the ages" to 'around the world" and settled on Japanese themed mural [how original right? :P] so im thinking like... archways, cherry blossom trees, Panda/bamboo, geisha's and such, i was just wondering if anyone would wanna make some concept art or give me some idea's cause i've kinda went blank XD.

and.. Mean wall paint... was lead based -i didnt know- and had a reaction to it BAH!
Noremac (Apr 14, 2006)
arent panda's chinese?
xswirvex (Apr 14, 2006)
does it matter? Panda's are cute! XD lol
misterjimsan (Apr 14, 2006)
Well it wouldn't really be Japanese themed then. Just do a Chinese theme.
If you really want to do one with a Japanese theme, there are many very interesting Japanese woodblock prints to influence you.
SanzoGirl (Apr 14, 2006)
How about Asian themed?
Sweetcell (Apr 16, 2006)
You could always do Bruce Lee......

But seriously google up things on China and art and especially the culture and you'll find something, or check your local library.

Or you could do Jakie Chan. :)
Shoebox (Apr 16, 2006)
Wasn't tubgirl faintly related to Asia?

... better to stick to Panda's, actually.
HunterKiller_ (Apr 16, 2006)
Personally, i would say that painting a animal on top of the background would ruin the feel. Just a nice subtle background should work nicely.
Sweetcell (Apr 17, 2006)
I see I was wrong, your looking for Japanese themed scenes, nothing beats a beautiful sunset set against a backdrop of hills, trees and a beautiful old Japanese house or temple. Classic. Good luck with that xswirvex.
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