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taori (edited Jul 5, 2003)
This is probably just my computer, but earlier I couldn't draw on oekakibbs on the practice just didn't show up. Meh to it. I don't know, it's probably my computer and not the applet, but just thought you should know since I tried a couple times and it still didn't work. Okay, that's all.
Turtlebuster (edited Jul 5, 2003)
well earlier today i tried to open 2draw, and the page wouldn't display.
I dunno why you would want to use oekaki anyway, though. <:(
rosalyn (edited Jul 6, 2003)
yeah the samething happenred to me turtlebuster...Except it would not load for a whole day! *sigh*
I wish I could help you taori. >:{
concannon (edited Jul 6, 2003)
Oekaki doesn't send on my better computer anymore. It just...doesn't. I've gotten used to paint. *shrug* As Marcello says, oekaki's a buggy program. You can't do anything about it, really. Sorry. o.o
SandyDexHamtaro (edited Jul 7, 2003)
It's never messed up on my computer...strange...oh, except for once when it wouldn't let me submit my image.
Kazukie (edited Jul 11, 2003)
Oekaki has never worked for me, from when I signed up until... well who knows. Don't feel so bad.
Knockoff (edited Jul 12, 2003)
Oekaki didnt work for me at first. But Like a long time a go it started to work!. Sorry I dun no whats wrong. =(
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