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drawn in 1 hour 44 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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Shanghai (Mar 6, 2006) — edit
A brief scene of calm during a confrontation between robota and his pursuers.
Shanghai (Mar 6, 2006)
drawn in 15 min
Shanghai (Mar 6, 2006)
drawn in 24 min
Shanghai (Mar 6, 2006)
drawn in 21 min
Shanghai (Mar 6, 2006)
drawn in 28 min
getting close
davincipoppalag (Mar 6, 2006)
Wow..I really like this one.
Pakasutemanshikuka (Mar 6, 2006)
Fantastic, as always...
*goes to delete her latest pic because of jealousy*
JoeNobody (Mar 6, 2006)
Very nice feel to this image. I really like the color selection.
kejoco (edited Mar 6, 2006)
very very cool...

Just curious, does he wear the cloak to blend in with people and hide the fact that he's a robot??
Just wondering in relation the character.
I know you're still working on it, so if you're already aware of this I apologize, but it seems as if you should be able to see some of the cloaks hood on the far side.

You've created a Great atmosphere in this, I like how the background elements point towards the main focus.
Shanghai (edited Mar 6, 2006)
there's no need to delete one picture because of another.

This robot is an older model which has been replaced by a newer version that out preformed him. He was sent to the recycling center, but the technicians forgot to remove his power cells and he escaped. Now he's being chased by the newer model, against the odds, and wearing a technician's coat to hide himself. That's why this is called endurance, because even if the newer model has some nice added features robota has determination.

the back part of the hood got covered over when I did the background because I was using a larger blendy brush for most of it but I'll need to fix that next with some other details.
kejoco (Mar 6, 2006)

I just noticed the hood in the first version...looks good
Shanghai (Mar 6, 2006)
drawn in 14 min
I'm finishing it on a different computer with different monitor settings and everything is a lot darker now. I'm just hoping it looks somewhat like I want it to on different people's monitors.
Zack (Mar 6, 2006)
Beyond cool. Great colors and atmosphere, the blueish purpleish tones in the background help create depth, and I like the way the lighting on the coat fades to silhouette near the bottom. One little thing I would change is the ripped part of the coat, as it feels a bit bunched up against that left edge. Other than that it's fantastic work.
woah_pockster (Mar 6, 2006)
this is awesomeeee joshhh <33 you never cease to amaze me dear :D
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 6, 2006)
I'm not really into the subject matter here, but I can appreciate the palette that creates a definite mood.
Pseudonymous (Mar 6, 2006)
I concur.
Gigandas (Mar 6, 2006)
There's just this really cool 'aura' about this piece. I mean part of it is definitely the palett, but there's just something about the character himself that's just awesome.
Roytje (Mar 7, 2006)
Your color choise is briliant! Lovely atmosphere.
friend (Mar 7, 2006)
I like it. The title fits absolutely perfectly!
Punky (Mar 7, 2006)
Cooler than cool. I love this robot.

I'd say a ton more, but then I'd just feel redundant.
comd (Mar 19, 2006)
I want to be able to paint like redpanda.
Trazor (Dec 19, 2007)
Livin in the machine world.... great pic!
thetailorsdaughter86 (Mar 9, 2008)
the soft lines are impressive when the subject matter is usually so hard and metallic. i would love to know how you go about painting something so soft. the background is just as intriguing as the subject.
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