watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 6 hours 18 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
terracotta (Feb 6, 2006)
terracotta (Feb 6, 2006)
drawn in 4 hours 42 min
SYTHE (Feb 6, 2006)
It looks very lovely, except for the pinky. The pinky looks a little too stubby compaired to the other fingers which are long and slender. If you made it curled/bent against the face it would look nicer.
davincipoppalag (Feb 6, 2006)
This is very pretty. Somehow, the mouth seems off line with the nose and eyes, just a bit? I'm probably nuts but it looks a little skewed. She is beautiful, isn't she.
JoeNobody (Feb 6, 2006)
very nice so far......waiting on the finish. :-)
Pseudonymous (Feb 7, 2006)
Whoa!!! This is amazing, and it's not even done!
terracotta (Feb 7, 2006)
drawn in 1 hour 26 min
Erm. Does the mouth look aligned yet? I can't tell. Her nose is not symetrical at the bottom and her head is tilted so I'm having trouble with it. Decided to jettison the hand. It was in the ref photo but it looked too 'posed'. Also decided the stark white background gave it more of a makeup commercial je ne sais quoi.
terracotta (Feb 7, 2006)
drawn in 9 min
zep (Feb 7, 2006)
i just wanna to said, that i agreed with terracotta about her beauty, she is so pretty....belisimo disegno!!
davincipoppalag (Feb 7, 2006)
If you cover the nose it looks right. It's obviously a very difficult angle. Beautiful picture.
darkshadow (edited Feb 7, 2006)
Your lights are on, but you're not home
Your mind is not your own
Your heart sweats, your body shakes
Another kiss is what it takes
You can't sleep, you can't eat
There's no doubt, you're in deep
Your throat is tight, you can't breathe
Another kiss is all you need
Whoa, you like to think that you're immune to the stuff, oh yeah
It's closer to the truth to say you can't get enough
You know you're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to love
this made me think of Robert Palmer's music video for this song
i love how smooth you got this and her eyes.....her eyes....i cant get past them :o
davincipoppalag (Feb 7, 2006)
Its Isabella Rosselini, daughter of Ingrid Bergman dark, but she does look like those made up models in Addicted to Love for sure@
Gemmy619 (Feb 7, 2006)
I love those eyes and lips, beautiful :)
JESSI (Feb 7, 2006)
this is beautiful i envy your talent ! :)
Aswell (Feb 7, 2006)
mm, it looks like she should have her face cupped in our hands

I mean with a thumb on her cheek, and fingers cupped gently behind her ears on the right side. As if the viewer were actually reaching into his monitor and touching her.

I definitely like the white background. And of course she's stunning in quality, darling. Great work as always.
woah_pockster (Feb 7, 2006)
mmh MMH this is fiiiinneeee :D you did an awesome job with this one dear! her eyes are amazin :D <33333333333333
kristine (edited Feb 22, 2006)
the only thing that bothers me is that it looks like her eyebrows are painted on, i dont see any strands of hair :) or is it supposed to look like that? but i love the lips, they are fabulous.
HunterKiller_ (Feb 8, 2006)
Those are eyes and lips are mezmerizing.
Opium (Feb 9, 2006)
I think this is my favorite one of yours so far! I love the stunning detail that you did in the hair, lips and eyes. It's breathtaking! You also made the makeup look like makeup, that is, you gave it loads of texture for not much color detail to work with.
Jessor (Feb 12, 2006)
suzie (Feb 13, 2006)
Oh wow greta..those eyes are hypnotizing. Love those little bits of grey in her hair too. She is beautiful..lovely work again :D
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