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drawn in 52 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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marcello (Dec 19, 2005) — edit
look each way and here you are.
marcello (Dec 19, 2005)
drawn in 8 min
rough sketch. trying new content
marcello (Dec 19, 2005)
drawn in 32 min
feels good to be on break!
davincipoppalag (Dec 19, 2005)
Spent the day at the mall people watchin, eh?
marcello (Dec 19, 2005)
davincipoppalag (Dec 19, 2005)
The picture just looked like the inside of a mall..
JK-Arts (Dec 19, 2005)
I think you need more practice there Marcello.
goatmilk (Dec 19, 2005)
marcelleo=the major suckyness
Rukia (Dec 19, 2005)
It just needs a little more effort. Might look good when finished.
marcello (Dec 19, 2005)
drawn in 59 sec
marcello (Dec 19, 2005)
drawn in 10 min
HunterKiller_ (Dec 19, 2005)
The subtle gradients i like.
Shoebox (edited Dec 19, 2005)
I like the texture on her shirt, and her face, but there's something not quite right about him.. he looks a bit.. stretched? Dunno really XD

What really get's me is Snickles... I must find out what this 'Snickel' business about.
Gogo Gadget Google!

Edit: I think his upper arm is too long... that could be what's throwing me off XD
Noremac (Dec 19, 2005)
reminds me of some of the HUD layouts on star control.... not sure why :D
marcello (Dec 19, 2005)
I think his lower arm is too short, or I screwed up with his hand. The upper arm is fine (the shoulder is a bit down if you zoom in and look at the shading), elbow should line up with belly button, which looks about right to me.
kristine (Dec 19, 2005)
this is really good, 'cello =) good job!
davincipoppalag (Dec 19, 2005)
Ok.. the big round coin is the quarter...the small ones are the dimes, and those in between ones...s'nickels
Hinata945 (Dec 19, 2005)
nobody (edited Dec 20, 2005)
come on people. think: the adventuLes of captain toasty and mancheRRo

hear any bells?

oh. nice coloring :)
JK-Arts (Dec 20, 2005)
It look o-tay' with color.
featherstone (Dec 20, 2005)
I think it's interesting that Marcello gets 3 mbs of space on the beginner board >:)
davincipoppalag (Dec 20, 2005)
Hey..if ya cant park in your own garage..where CAN ya park
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