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drawn in 3 hours 46 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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2 hours 48 min
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58 min
Alex-Cooper (Dec 3, 2005)
Count damn you! COUNT!
Alex-Cooper (Dec 3, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 38 min
Alex-Cooper (Dec 5, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 1 min
staci (Dec 10, 2005)
drawn in 58 min
Alex-Cooper (Dec 10, 2005)
drawn in 8 min
Bam. done. Thanks Staci.
kristine (edited Dec 14, 2005)
this is freaking awesome! great concept!
Alex-Cooper (Dec 10, 2005)
Stupid zoon feature. I couldnít fit nineteen rings without making it look like shit. Thatís why the numbers there. And thanks.
kristine (Dec 10, 2005)
i think you and zep should collab. now that would be something to see :)
TaCO (Dec 10, 2005)
Dude keep your wood in your pants.
davincipoppalag (Dec 10, 2005)
His body is ringing..he should answer
Opium (Dec 12, 2005)
hehe two corny jokes in a row! This is an awesome picture! Pretty demented. I like it :)
Gigandas (Dec 13, 2005)
Not to be an ass, but isn't the waist line on 'his' right, a bit high (tilted upwards)? If you look at the angle the shoes are sitting at, and you compare it to the angle of his belt, it seems to be at an awkward angle (but hey, maybe he wears pants like that, I dunno).
Alex-Cooper (Dec 13, 2005)
Yeah, you're right about the waste line not matching up. But for the sake of me being to lazy to fix it at this point, let's just say he wears orthopedic pants.
Noremac (Dec 13, 2005)
i counted 15 -cough-
featherstone (Dec 13, 2005)
don't be so nit picky, Gig... it's a great pic, cool idea.. and great job coloring Staci
Zack (Dec 13, 2005)
who says his torso is level with the ground? it could be slumping forward some, giving a more exaggerated angle.
staci (edited Dec 13, 2005)
holy crapper are you kidding me? it a toon man. a toon. its brilliant and the fact that you prefaced a comment with 'not to be an ass' means you knew you were being an ass, or thought we would think you were being an either case wouldnt it have been better for you to just stfu on this one? yes and yes. the prosecution rests your honor.
plus, the gist of the picture was kinda an inside joke, and the wood rings wouldnt have been as effective if it was drawn at the angle you are suggesting..the exaggerated tilt is perfect. you might as well point out that people dont have pointy teeth or green skin. -_-
Gigandas (edited Dec 13, 2005)
"holy crapper are you kidding me?"

Um, actually I want to say that, Icats. It's obviously a good idea, but I didn't feel like being redundant and mentioning what's already been said. Why the hell are we so contradictory on this site? It's like "oh guys, you should give critiques so you can help each other become better artists" and then if you give so many, then it's "Oh gee wiz man, give it a break will you?" What's with THAT?? Is there a rule on this site that says you're only allowed to give so many critiques in a day? A week? A month? If so, tell me. Cause then I'd be happy to avoid breaking the site rules. No one said you have to take the critique anyway. At least I'm usually giving instructions on how you might go about fixing a problem unlike certain other people here. And just because something is a toon, doesn't mean 'anything goes.' If that were the case, who needs any practice in cartooning to be a pro? You don't. Making excuses like Zack over here is also not the way to OK what is off. Besides I was pointing it out, Alex didn't seem to have a problem with it, so what is the problem with you two? Like I said, critiques 'can be' ignored. What's the big deal?

-Okay, I get that the angle would have thrown it off if fixed, but maybe if you take a second to think about how else you could fix it, you can change the angles of the legs to compensate for the waist angle can't you? I'm really not trying to be an ass, I just know people like Icats and Zack love to put me into perspective that way so that's actually why I added that bit on 'not to be an ass' deal. I like being helpful even if it isn't what you want to hear at times. Sorry I can't please everyone...
And lastly, sorry to have put all this crap on your pic, Alex. I really did like the idea behind this pic.
Noremac (Dec 13, 2005)
-adjusts fake glasses- 8B
well not to be an ass, but there are 15 rings, and the number above the torso suggests that there are 19, i demand that you fix this problem before i am forced to file a complaint
note, there is no way this is serious, and both of you can it, and look at the pretty picture
Zack (Dec 14, 2005)
The first time I looked at this the angle didn't bother me so much, partly because I thought the torso was slumping forward at the top. Coming back to look at it a second time though, I see what you mean -- it's pretty awkward, even if it were slumping forward. It would make more sense if the belt-line was almost level or the legs were bent instead of being straight.

I neglected to mention how awesome this picture was the first time I commented. It is strongly awesome. Great concept.
Agoylis (Dec 15, 2005)
actually i count 16 but im Joe and my complaint dont count although its right -cough cough-
JK-Arts (Jan 11, 2006)
this is a cool picture good idea i like it Good Collabe i'm not about to go and count no lines so i'll take your words for it.
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