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101_Torchic_101 (Nov 27, 2005)
(^_^) Yay! Okay, if you want to join, you can, but only if you draw a Chao that you actually have and draw it exactly how it is. I drew my Drak Fly-type Chao, Marik. I gave him Feonexes (is that how to spell it?) because Marik had the God card "The winged dragon of Ra", And Ra was a Feonex!..Oh, and that blue thing on his chest is a ribbon he won for beating the whole race thing in beginner.

EDIT : No one's gonna join, I know it..Whatever, I'll just make it Finished..(-_-)..
101_Torchic_101 (Nov 27, 2005)
drawn in 23 min
kristine (Nov 27, 2005)
what the hell is a chao?
how old are you? 10? jw.
101_Torchic_101 (Nov 27, 2005)
A Chao is a creature from Sonic, And I'm 12.
kristine (Nov 27, 2005)
thought so :P
Punky (edited Nov 27, 2005)
101_Torchic_101: It's spelt "pheonix" :)

edit: Anyways, sign me up. This collab looks so lonely.
101_Torchic_101 (Nov 27, 2005)
Okay, I'll modify you..
Noremac (Nov 27, 2005)
phoenix actually... but nice try punky.
and dont argue me on it, im a mythical creature buff
kristine (Nov 27, 2005)
lol yeah it is phoenix :P but i think that cute.
Noremac (Nov 27, 2005)
cute like the deathstar :3
kristine (Nov 27, 2005)
Punky (Nov 28, 2005)
Well, at least I tried.Thanks for corecting me though. :)
101_Torchic_101 (Nov 28, 2005)
drawn in 11 min
I just started playing my Game Cube again (i wasn't playing it because my tv broke..but i got a new one) and I realized that I drew my chao wrong, I forgot that he was a Blue-Green Shadow Choa..I thought he was just a regular Dark Chao..But I fixed it.
Zeal (Dec 1, 2005)
pheoniX is the name of a book .. phoenix is the mythical bird of fire
SneakyWalter (Dec 6, 2005)
Pheonix also reincarnates itself from its ashes when it dies.
SanzoGirl (Dec 6, 2005)
I wanna join! :D
Chaos are cute.
101_Torchic_101 (Dec 6, 2005)
Okay, SanzoGirl, I'll modify you.
ajluvstimmy (edited Dec 10, 2005)
i have chaos on the gamecube lol i have a hero chao and shes cute she has bunny ears!!! id love to join collab memo em if soo
ajluvstimmy (Dec 16, 2005)
drawn in 42 min
what do u think??
101_Torchic_101 (Dec 16, 2005)
(^_^) cute!
domo (Dec 28, 2005)
It's been so long since I've played with any of my chaos. I want to go play that game now!! Can I draw one of mine on here?
Creature201 (Dec 29, 2005)
I wanna join!
101_Torchic_101 (Dec 29, 2005)
Um, okay.
Creature201 (Dec 29, 2005)
drawn in 12 min
SanzoGirl (Jan 3, 2006)
drawn in 14 min
I really had a choa that looked like that, but my game got erased. T_T
101_Torchic_101 (Jan 4, 2006)
(0_0) OMG, SANZOGIRL!! YOU HAD AN IMMORTAL HERO CHAOS CHOA??!! I love those!! They're pretty, but the Dark immortal Chaos Choa are SO AWESOME LOOKING!!..I'm working on one right now. He's going to look awesome.
NewTails (Jan 5, 2006)
I would like to join... can I?
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