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drawn in 5 hours 51 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
laurael (Nov 14, 2005)
A ninja turtle with a big stick. Yep. :P
As you can see by the date...this was done quite some time ago. Just want it out of my studio.
laurael (Nov 14, 2005)
drawn in 2 hours 51 min
laurael (Nov 14, 2005)
drawn in 2 hours 36 min
laurael (Nov 14, 2005)
drawn in 5 min
laurael (Nov 29, 2005)
drawn in 1 min
laurael (Dec 27, 2005)
drawn in 17 min
Gigandas (Feb 11, 2006)
Oh hey, wasn't this posted on DA too :)? This pic is smooth as always. Just the way you color makes me hungry haha. I mean seriously, with your coloring technique combined with drawings of good food would probably make me want to drool lol. It's like listening to music that's very soothing, but this to the eyes :). Love, love, love you work!
So this is the 'farewell to laurael' pic I guess :(. Although, you have a new account now, I think I'm just gonna miss seeing this name appear around the boards. And I know for a little while, I'm gonna have trouble spotting you with a capital 'L' lol. But I'll get used to spotting it eventually :).
davincipoppalag (Feb 11, 2006)
Hiya Donnie.. She's the queen of smooth Niel...
HunterKiller_ (Feb 11, 2006)
Yay, Ninja Turtles are back.
laurael (Feb 12, 2006)
Fuck DA. No farewell...I'm really laurael, I guess...that's who I've been forever it seems and that's how I'll stay. *shrugs* I'm glad you love my work, G...this smooth is for you.
Thanks time, don't talk so
HK...they never left. :P
TaCO (Feb 12, 2006)
I'm glad your keeping this account :)
Never leave!!!!!!!
And draw lots more pics!!!!!!!
laurael (Feb 12, 2006)
Hi Derrick!!!! I will draw lots more pics...thanks!!!!
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