taori (edited Jun 5, 2003)
I'm sorry, this isn't related to drawing and if I were on any fanfic sites I'd ask there. But I need help! I'm writing a's not very developed yet...and I need a guy in it. But I have no idea how I should introduce him, what he should be like, what his significance should be, ANYTHING. Any suggestions at all would help! Thank yoooou!

(Oh yeah, and if you're bored and you want to read the story, you can find it at It's not much good, but ah well.)
furyofroy (edited Jun 5, 2003)
Okay. Da girl wants a sandwich at a store. She searches her pockets--but finds that she has no bling-bling. The guy sees her sweatin', comes up from behind, and says all smooth like: "I got it.". He gives da cashier da cash, flashes a cute smile at the girl, and walks out. She goes, "who was that guy, n' stuff??" Ohhh yeah. So cool.
TheLIVR (edited Jun 5, 2003)
Or he can just rape her. That makes for a good story, and is also believable, unlike Fury's idea.

Then she can go on a murderous revenge plot and sell him to space aliens.

Yeah. Totally believable.
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