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Hello, I'm the last sane man on earth... however, I wasn't always sane, once upon a time, I was very crazy, or so I thought. Then I realized, that the world, relative to me was crazy, and that I was completely sane relative to myself. You see, everything is relative to everything else, nothing is unrelated, and thus you can describe anything in terms of anything else. Apples are oranges because they are both warm colored, spherical fruit, and dogs are cats because they are both predatory quadrepeds. Therefore, everything and anything can be proven, just by relating it to something else.
thumbnail hehe.... who likes short shorts? FoR likes short shorts!
Mar 14, 2004
thumbnail Surely there are easier ways of saying "I think you suck"
Mar 14, 2004
thumbnail Hmm... it looks alot better on paper. The digital one doesn't do it justice.
Mar 11, 2004
thumbnail I want to be king of pirate!!
Jan 30, 2004
thumbnail Sombody set up us the bomb!
Jan 22, 2004
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