boardsbeginnereye ball >__>
watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 13 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
BSOD (Sep 3, 2005)
Eye ball :D for one of mah friends :o
BSOD (Sep 3, 2005)
drawn in 13 min
Punky (Sep 3, 2005)
I like this. :) It would make a neat icon. Nice smooth lines, it looks great.
sephiroth54321 (Sep 3, 2005)
Your good now! :)
renire (Sep 3, 2005)
Yeah, it would make a cool icon. Its really neat and purdy. :P I like this alot!
BSOD (Sep 3, 2005)
:D Thank you one and all... I still need help on bodies..... and faces... I'm relearning all over again! help D:
SanzoGirl (Sep 5, 2005)
Fow who? :o
BSOD (Sep 6, 2005)
Some one on a different site :D They said they wanted me to draw an eye ball :o
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