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drawn in 5 hours 52 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Namori (Aug 14, 2005)
mermaid under the sunlight...
Namori (Aug 14, 2005)
drawn in 3 hours 24 min
Shoebox (Aug 14, 2005)
they are a bit iffy in places, but I like this ^^ her jewely is so pretty, as is her hair... unfortuantely you need more space ;-;
Namori (edited Aug 15, 2005)
??? What do you mean by "you need more space"?

!@#$% Ok...I know what you mean.. T__T
Shoebox (edited Aug 15, 2005)
I'm sure one of the moderators would be happy to grant space for you if you ask, seeing how this is an exceptional picture already... letsee...
Mazi, Furyofroy, and Quintessence are all moderators and appear online.. so is Zinc..
Namori (Aug 15, 2005)
drawn in 2 hours 28 min
Yay! Done! It turned out better than I thought! XDDD
Pakasutemanshikuka (Aug 15, 2005)
wooowww.. ._ _ _ _. gorgeous !! beautiful colouring ! this is very fantastic work, i think ._ _.
Xodiak (Aug 15, 2005)
She looks so beautiful... the colouring is amazing. She is very sexy too! Xod loves her innocent look. Fabulous artwork! <:)
Minty_hippo (Aug 15, 2005)
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! omgomgomgomgomg 0mg 0mg OH MY FUCKING GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIS GORGEOUS THIS IS!!!!!
Shoebox (Aug 15, 2005)
aww, hurrah! I love the fin ^^ I'm very fond of your work Namori, I dunno why... it's always so pretty, fantastic job!
Namori (Aug 15, 2005)
haha! Thank you! XDDD
~unwritten_law_girl~ (Aug 15, 2005)
its pretty!
hideyourface (Aug 15, 2005)
i think the front of her should be shaded since the light is coming from behind. If not that, then it should at least have some more darker shading. Also, her hairline is a but too high up and her left arm is a bit too long. That's all I see wrong with it. It's still very pretty.
fleeting_memory (Aug 16, 2005)
I like the gold on the tail and around her arms
Namori (Aug 26, 2005)
hmm...yeah, it does look kind of awkward since the light is coming from behind her and her front is still very light...
thanks for pointing it out to me, hideyourface! :D I'll try to make sure not to make that mistake again.
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