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drawn in 47 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
9 min
3 versions
38 min
Xodiak (Jun 24, 2005)
Xodiak (Jun 24, 2005)
drawn in 9 min
monoplyguy (Jun 24, 2005)
drawn in 17 min
monoplyguy (Jun 24, 2005)
drawn in 1 min
monoplyguy (Jun 24, 2005)
drawn in 18 min
Knockoff (Jun 24, 2005)
Yah' might wanna color that in a tab bit better.
monoplyguy (edited Jun 24, 2005)
is that all you do is critisize and complain!!
Knockoff (Jun 24, 2005)
Yeah, you got that right on the bullseye.
monoplyguy (Jun 24, 2005)
im not trying to be mean but thats pretty much all you do
Sutafani (Jun 24, 2005)
that's the piont of a comment system marc, my gosh, it's just a comment. Be glad you got one!
monoplyguy (Jun 24, 2005)
comments are nice, criticizems are not nice
Anna (Jun 25, 2005)
You should be able to take in criticism. How else are you ever gonna get better?
Punky (Jun 25, 2005)
If everyone just made compliments all the time and never criticized anyone, it would be harder to get better. If i said "Wow, thats the best coloring I've ever seen!" i would be lying. Lying=Bad. Anyhow, this is cute, but the coloring could be better. :D
Ty854 (Jun 26, 2005)
Wow, thats the best coloring I've ever seen!
SanzoGirl (Jun 26, 2005)
I love wolves. ^_^
monoplyguy (Jun 27, 2005)
i like wolves too i have a crap load of wolf stuff in my room mainly small statues
SanzoGirl (Jun 27, 2005)
Me too. I can't find alot of wolf stuff in stores. >__>
Punky (Jun 27, 2005)
Wolves are cool. :D
monoplyguy (Jun 29, 2005)
i have three plates my mom got me from the bradford exchange.
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