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drawn in 21 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Doodlibop (Jun 5, 2005)
Aw man! I have to keep drawing on this in order to reach the 2 hour mark! XP aw well, a small price to pay...

yes folkels! I'm BACK! and with my own tablet so HUZZAH! celebration a gogo baby!

Expect more stuff real soon!

btw, i really do have big teeth :)
Doodlibop (Jun 5, 2005)
drawn in 21 min
Childlike_Vampire (Jun 5, 2005)
YAaaaaayyyy *breath* YAYyyyyy. You were missed Doodlibop woo hoo and nice drawing as well. Messy and sharp at the same time. I really like the use of the dodge tool. :D:D:D
Anna (Jun 5, 2005)
I love the glowing stars!
squee (Jun 5, 2005)
Welcome back Doodli can't wait to see what you got in store for us.
tappie_chan (Jun 5, 2005)
i love the style immensely!
Noremac (Jun 5, 2005)
awesome, i was actually missing your artness. welcome back
safescene (Jun 5, 2005)
Doodlibop? Back? FANTASMIC!
HunterKiller_ (Jun 5, 2005)
Uh... hey...
Ceido (Jun 5, 2005)
:D I love those teeth. Glad you're back.
fleeting_memory (Jun 8, 2005)
hey its doodle. I saw the pic and knew it was yours before I ever say your name
Axil62 (Jun 8, 2005)
It is a sin.
LasRever (Sep 12, 2005)
Yah it is, also known as sloth. This looks cool!
Caddris (Oct 2, 2005)
I think there's a difference between Lethargy and Sloth. Lethargy is not having the energy to do something while Sloth is just not bothering to do it.

ANYway, great picture. I absolutely love your expression. So puckish.
featherstone (Oct 2, 2005)
haha, great idea and draw :)
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