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drawn in 4 hours 40 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Showcase entry!
laurael (May 7, 2005)
I give up...for now.
laurael (May 7, 2005)
drawn in 26 min
laurael (May 8, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 12 min
laurael (May 10, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 55 min
laurael (May 19, 2005)
drawn in 28 min
laurael (May 19, 2005)
drawn in 37 min
zep (edited May 19, 2005)
beautifully good, draw kids it´s so hard to do...i like the mouth
davincipoppalag (May 19, 2005)
This is beautiful Laurael...You have crossed over from great.. to terrific...
Gigandas (May 19, 2005)
Oh my fucking.....I mean friggin crap. Wow, that is so amazing. I'm not just saying this cause you're one of my better friends here, but you REALLY are getting better by the drawing. I mean, where the hell did this come from??? lol Damn. I wouldn't quite say it has a "realistic" look to it, but it looks like very nice computer graphics that you'd see in that first Final Fantasy movie that came out. I think I'll just sit and stare for a while, if you don't mind :)...
laurael (May 19, 2005)
Lol...thanks you guys...I needed the nice comments right now...been a shitty, hell of a week.
I don't mind at all...go ahead, G. :)
Gigandas (May 19, 2005)
Hehe, I'm not just giving you nice comments for the heck of it, it's definitely worth giving :). As for comfort, I'd give without pay ;).
laurael (May 19, 2005)
I know you would...I'm just...exhausted right now. Thanks.
Xodiak (May 19, 2005)
So gorgeous... Wow... Very realistic! The little kid is painted masterfully. The eyes are so sparkling! I love your picture! Haha! You are so good it is impressive. Fantastic art! >:D
Gigandas (May 19, 2005)
So why does it say you gave up :-/? I really don't see any real flaws.
laurael (May 19, 2005)
I gave up because I'm too tired to finish right now. It's...I don't know...not quite right yet...
Gigandas (edited May 19, 2005)
Well, I kinda figured the reason two posts ago, but as for the picture, the only thing you might wanna do is add a bg. Cause other than that, it should stay the way it is, unless you had a certain thing in mind.

Anyway, get some sleep. You shouldn't be wandering around here at the cost of your health you know....
laurael (edited May 19, 2005)
Yeah, I was planning on adding 'something'...
And thank you are always so sweet to were MISSED when you were away all that time...
edit: I know...I'm gonna just 'die' tomorrow...goodnight....
Gigandas (May 19, 2005)
Good night, laurael...
featherstone (May 19, 2005)
this is great laur, how adorable
starmarked (May 19, 2005)
Wow just amazing Laurael! I just love how the nose is colored and those soft shadows. Very very nice : ]
Kraisa (May 19, 2005)
why is this on this board, it should be in advanced really this is another great people picture. I think you underestimate yourself.
Hakkai (May 19, 2005)
-Gasps- No one Showcased this yet? -double gasp!-

I love this. If you study it, you can notice that he's not really smiling; at first glance, you can catch a slight smile. Well.. for me, it works like that. It's brilliant. I love his nose too. It just stands out! <33 -showcases-
Kasha (edited May 19, 2005)
congrats on the Showcase :)

WOWOWOW! I agree with gig. Its freaking beautiful. He reminds me of that evil little boy on Silent Hill- the Room. I remember how cute he was and this reminds me of him. :) YAY!!! I FREAKING LOVES IT!

Edit: Oh well DUH! I didn't read the title of your pic. So it is him! well you did a really good JOB because I saw the resemblence right away :D
loverboy101 (May 19, 2005)
sweeeeeeeet you did an awesome job!! you went so far with the details!! the eyes really catch your eye lol! doesn't exactly look like a pic but awesome gyu
Gigandas (May 19, 2005)
lol, look at how many comments you're getting recently, laurael :). See? I was right when I told you you're getting better ;)...oh and congrats, on showcase once again. Your rapidly growing talents should definitely be recognized.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (May 19, 2005)
Can't believe I missed this till now. Well, yeah, I guess I can since I haven't had much time to browse lately. I didn't read all of the above comments because I'm sure they all say how exceptionally wonderful this is. I love the eyes... such a great job of depicting a beautiful innocent look... and it looks like he has little windows in them. Just perfect.
davincipoppalag (May 19, 2005)
At last! A Showcase for Laurael! Well-deserved! Congrats!
Xodiak (May 19, 2005)
I like that your painting looks more... alive than the original. >;)
Anna (May 19, 2005)
Awesome drawing, laurael! You're doing fantastic with your artwork, missy!! Congrats on your showcase!!
emmamommalag (May 20, 2005)
Fanastic job on the skin and hair. It's a wonderful picture.. congrats on showcase. :)
Knockoff (May 21, 2005)
Wow. Beautiful. Really.

The shape of the head is the hardest thing to do. I always have a hard time drawings kids because if that, and you did it with ease. The lips, are excelent. Not too dull, not too over done. Also, the skin is the best. Some of the best i've seen, just because of all the details, like the rosey red cheeks, and the red of the nose. The eyes are the other thing that make it look so well, they're all big and just like a kids. Amazing detail in them, again. Lastly, the hair, looks so soft. AGAIN, wonderful detail. I agree, this is one of your better ones. If you keep this up, I just might have to hide myself from your art.
Gigandas (May 21, 2005)
I dunno how many people know this, but I thought I'd share what the difference in kids' faces are. Although there are the obvious "small nose, bigger cheeks, etc," what really makes a child's face a child's face is, the length of the mouth across your face. Kids tend to have smaller mouths, and so that really gives them the "child" look. As we grow older, it grows out further.
davincipoppalag (May 21, 2005)
Lol..I guess that explains why many of my adult clients have a big mouths...hee hehe
sincity (May 21, 2005)
This is absolutely amazing. It looks like colored pencil. :}
Knockoff (May 21, 2005)
Well, thanks Gig, that might help.
laurael (edited Jun 26, 2005)
Wow...thanks to everyone!
nyao (Aug 7, 2005)
i think the soft tones really worked out well ^^
especially arounds the nose and the eyes, really fantastic
Miss_DJ (Feb 12, 2006)
just super!!
cmb (Jan 27, 2007)
incredible art...
SamiJ1000 (Feb 17, 2009)
I don't know if there's a word good enough to describe this picture.
Aubrey (Jun 15, 2009)
Tis a hauntingly good picture.
Miss_DJ (Dec 22, 2009)
Beautiful, tender innocence..laurael.
Suntan (Dec 22, 2009)
Yes, very sweet...she has a soft hand about her art.
placeboy (Mar 23, 2010)
isn't this a poser model? nice job BTW!!!!
dorothyblueeyes (Mar 24, 2010)
I have trouble getting the skin tones,and the freckles,and subtle coloring right;wonderful.You did it.
Luniki (Jul 8, 2010)
what a pure look!
montezmaria (Jul 8, 2010)
Those eyes are so beautiful. I noticed how excellent the hair looks also. Just a beautiful amazing drawing, so innocent this lil one looks.
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