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drawn in 1 hour with PaintBBS
Kazukie (Apr 20, 2003)
It's Malachai! (The guy I drew before but didn't have a name for. =]) He's supose to be in a prison and those are little spirt's flying around that he summoned. He's a mage. =P I didn't put him holding his spell book in this one though. =\ C&C Welcome.
Kazukie (Apr 20, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
Azelrellon (edited Apr 20, 2003)
A sprite, I see. Sprite-sized anyhow. Sprites have at least 12 reproductions of themselves on one thingy, while this is more of an in-game scenery thingy. It's nice though, and it's better than any old sprite sets.
^_^ Is that a fortress he is inside of? Like a prison in a fortress? =p
Mnemosyne (edited Apr 20, 2003)
Malachai! *grins* that's a good name. :]
Tesia-chan (edited Apr 20, 2003)
Neat. Love the staff and the ghosties.
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