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drawn in 4 hours 30 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Showcase entry!
EverDream (Jan 18, 2005)
Wee! I missed last years Valentine's day so I'm tackling this year's early!
Happy Valentines from me and Kill Spot!

~do not take or redistribute
EverDream (Jan 18, 2005)
drawn in 4 hours 30 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jan 18, 2005)
Valentine's Day is my most favorite holiday... this is so.. romantic? no... but it's cute. :)
solve (Jan 18, 2005)
awesome style! does that dog have a gun shot in it? if so A+
sincity (Jan 18, 2005)
Cool. Very Tim Burtonish. :}
HunterKiller_ (Jan 18, 2005)
I hate Valentines too. But this picture is superb.
Very Tim Burtonish indeed. I love Tim Burton's stuff!
Pkingsora (Jan 18, 2005)
> w < amazing...i love this..and happeh Vday to you too!
laurael (Jan 18, 2005)
This is a wonderful style for you can do anything. Love the shine on that hair and those letters, and the bullet hole...*geez, just say you like the whole thing, Laur...* Okay...I like the whole picture... :)
spiritdweller (Jan 18, 2005)
that is soo cute and goofy and funny, I love it
Gigandas (Jan 18, 2005)
Hmmm....for some reason, Nightmare Before Christmas keeps popping up in my head looking at this one.It's cool how you drew something entirely different from your normal works :).Haha....I love the expression on the dog's face :P.Awesome as usual, ED :)...
davincipoppalag (Jan 18, 2005)
It's heart not to like this...and it's good to see ED drawing anything
Anna (Jan 18, 2005)
This kicks so much ass. I love it!! A lot!
Cacau (Jan 19, 2005)
Scary... But so cute! I also hate Valentine´s day >=( I love the draw. Great work Stef!
Kenshin (Jan 19, 2005)
OMG ITS ROCK LEE! XD Kinda looks like it. :D This is cool. I really like the letters.
cyclops (Jan 19, 2005)
wow...very it
purple_Llama (Jan 25, 2005)
Nice style
inatyrb (Jan 27, 2005)
This is definatly a favorite pic. of mine. Very happy valentines day indeed! This is Tim burtonish. Lol. Yeah, Awesome picture! ^^
Maiko (Jan 27, 2005)
It looks like Rock Lee! O_O XD very pretty though
Aubrey (Feb 14, 2005)
It looks like the hardcover of a book lol The style is so cute and so.. disturbing with the blood on the wall. Looks alot like "Nightmare Before Christmas" You rock for sure.
kristine (Dec 13, 2005)
how do you do that O.o like the chicken-scratch lines, then dim it, how do you do it? its looks awesome!
blurymind (Apr 7, 2009)
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