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Im just an artist who enjoys spending hours infront of the computer drawing!...jk..i do that sometimes. I also enjoy playing the piano, rping and reading books like "Dante's inferno" "Anne Rice" and so on. Im a carefree guy who is allways willing to lend a hand..dunno why, i guess thats just how i am.

if you would like to do a collab or rp er anything ^^ just IM meh or send meh a collab!

53 Submissions
thumbnail X. X OMGEEE FISH!..amazing...just aamazing
Oct 9, 2006
thumbnail This is pretty intense..i like it..hehe i guess just refine the lines abit and you'll be set<3
Aug 20, 2006
thumbnail O . O very cute ^__^ i like the way you coloured this actually..nice use of thick lines..pretty cool
Jan 16, 2006
thumbnail poor cartoon
Jan 15, 2006
thumbnail Thats tight
Jan 9, 2006
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