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Eggie (edited Mar 25, 2003)
Head surgeon: Alright, test-subject 1745! This is your last chance to come back!

Mr. Blurry (yes, he can talk): Never! And stop calling me Test subject 1745! I have a name!

Head Surgeon: A first name?

Mr. Blurry: Uh...

Head Surgeon:...

Mr. Blurry: Smartarse!

I'm thinking of putting it into comic format? Do you think a Blurry comic would be a good idea?

No! or Hell no!
quintessence (edited Mar 25, 2003)
Sure. Mr. Blurry is fun.

*prods Fang*
Fang: Yeees... if you start a comic, Quin might make one for me!

Good girl.
furyofroy (edited Mar 26, 2003)
Fury: yes, a comic is good! jes don't make it too detailed, or you'll never get it done!

Roy: like me? you haven't even gotten up to 9 comics yet....

Fury: quiet you. I'm enhancing my abilities.

Garrett: I shoot you now.
RabidMalikFanGirl (edited Mar 26, 2003)
You should. I like Mr. Blurry.
Eggie (edited Mar 26, 2003)
Okay, I'll make a start on that.
RabidMalikFanGirl (edited Mar 26, 2003)
spyramy (edited Mar 28, 2003)
Copy and paste the URL rather than clicking. sphosting doesn't allow direct linking.

I know it isn't particularly funny but...maybe there's potential.
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