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drawn in 2 hours 7 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
2 versions
1 hour 13 min
JEM Translator
54 min
sal (Oct 23, 2004)
sal (Oct 23, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 12 min
sal (Oct 27, 2004)
drawn in 41 sec
Kloxboy (Oct 27, 2004)
drawn in 54 min
spiritdweller (Oct 27, 2004)
eeew... but that is soo cool! :)
Kloxboy (Oct 27, 2004)
It's strange how the coloring got all blocky in a couple areas, oh well.
staci (Oct 27, 2004)
i thought that was purposeful. it adds to the creepy
davincipoppalag (Oct 27, 2004)
You guys work so well together! This is majorly creepy!
sincity (Oct 27, 2004)
Love this. the idea is great.
Aubrey (Oct 27, 2004)
The back of the head looks really painful, both of them are drawn well though and colored great too.
Xodiak (edited Oct 27, 2004)
He had a nasty lobotomy! He looks great! >:D
It is a pity Shi-painter has some bugs... <:/
Maiko (Oct 27, 2004)
yucky ;__; it's so scary.....mai loves it muahahah
SanzoGirl (Jul 6, 2005)
From far away, it looks like he has a butt on the back of his head. XD
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