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drawn in 1 hour 21 min with Lascaux Sketch
Agoylis (Oct 11, 2004)
this is my 3rd drawing please give me some tips
Agoylis (Oct 11, 2004)
drawn in 28 min
Cianteed (Oct 11, 2004)
Tips... tips... what to say... perhaps, now this may be crazy, but... colour it? XD
aznanime93 (Oct 11, 2004)
lol TIPS hmmm..
I like the city its cool.
Agoylis (Oct 11, 2004)
drawn in 28 min
this what i think i should do tips?
p3ndragon (Oct 11, 2004)
You may want to use tools other than the line tool. Although it is very neat, it doesn't really take much. Try using tones of grey to color them and define shadow. Also, try using different shades of blue in the sky. Look at other pictures and try and figure out what makes them look good and try to apply it to your picture. I myself am not amazing, but you can memo me for help.
emerald_star18 (Oct 12, 2004)
Looks like something you can do on MSPaint, try playing with some of the other tools, they can create cool effects.
Agoylis (Oct 12, 2004)
drawn in 24 min
saconi (Oct 16, 2004)
Yeh maybe u should colour it
Reich (Dec 4, 2004)
ok joe heres a sugestion.....draw better -_-' well maybe you should start trying to draw people....this is alec btw
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