bumpinthenight (edited Oct 10, 2004)
I lost a grand total of 14 points for a drawing that would have earned me 12 points... I am therefore quite pissed.... Hows that for creative editing?
Zinc (Oct 9, 2004)
I found it funny that you called the mod a dipshit because of something(s) you did wrong. Besides, what did you want with all those points anyway? This isn't chucky cheese. =0P
Zack (Oct 10, 2004)
I was curious, so I went and checked the drawing in question. Here's my critique:

The hair has no sense of volume to it, the anatomy is slightly awkward, the shading on the body is unconvincing and very faint, and the mist is so-so (one can see distinct brush lines in it certain places, a style which is incongruous with the rest of the drawing). This is not advanced quality.

Additionally, I don't see what you hope to accomplish by insulting a mod. Being crass and arrogant is hardly a way to rally people over to your side.
mazi (Oct 10, 2004)
that "edit", im not sure what that was, not me. but i changed it to 18+. i was at school. doing "work" (aka sitting there doing nothing) for my friends dad and im sorry but i really dont need him seeing me looking butt naked people. it doesnt matter what angle or anything its on, the ratings say:

PG-13 rating, minimum violence, minimum blood. No excessive spewing guts, no nudity or sexual content. Implied nudity/skin is allowed in this case, within reason.

Nudity, sexual content (not hardcore), guts/blood. But not super grotesque and offensive.

*implied* nudity. seeing nipples means its not implied. 18+ is for nudity. it says so. im just goin by that. its not my opinion but there was a thread on this too, and im pretty sure the ratings are getting stricter. i mean, when im at home i'll change it to see up to extreme because it doesnt offend me personally, but thats not the point. the point is, it offends people. it doesnt restrict people under 18 from seeing it or anything, they can look if they want. 2draw isnt daycare. but the ratings keep people from seeing what they dont want to see. you or i might not be offended but someone else will. and to keep from seeing that, they'll change their settings to 13+. but if some nudity is in 13+, theyre not gunna be pleased.

concannon (Oct 10, 2004)
I moved it to intermediate. I dunno what the edit is...some kind of repercussion from the move, I think.

As to why it was moved: the lineart is a smooth as anything, I'll give you that. Fantastic lineart. But the anatomy is slightly off, and your shading is absolutely haphazard. You appear to have no definite source of light for the shading or the highlights, which detracts from the drawing overall to a horrible extent. The hair has no lineart, which throws the viewer off in a bad way, because the thick lineart of the body is so obvious.

The reason that picture of Axil's (the one you linked in you comment on your image, "Tull") is on the advanced board because Axil knows how to completely and effectively employ a particular style and technique. However, in your image, you have parts that imply realism attempts, and then other parts that contradict those attempts.

And there is your explanation. I suggest you listen to Zack, as well.
bumpinthenight (Oct 10, 2004)
fine... I'm a shitty artist, I dont belong here on this site... Sorry to the people I've offended... I'll go off and draw on the beginners board now.
Zack (edited Oct 10, 2004)
Self-pity is masturbation. You are definitely good enough for the intermediate board. To improve, you need to swallow your pride and learn to take criticism.
Anna (Oct 10, 2004)
Although I have no problems with what people draw on here... whatever it may be... I'd like to say one thing: I'm very glad that the mods are now moderating the ratings. :) That would fix the whole issue brought up by Cello a couple weeks ago or so.... hooray for no new/additional ratings!
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