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drawn in 5 hours 52 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
longway (Aug 16, 2004)
unfinished, i did it again, hopeless......this image can be moved please!
longway (Aug 16, 2004)
drawn in 5 hours 1 min
longway (Aug 16, 2004)
drawn in 51 min
well maybe with a bit more work, it might stay? lol
Axil62 (Aug 16, 2004)
Draw someone else sometimes Inounewa.
davincipoppalag (Aug 16, 2004)
I think it's pretty. What's wrong with it?
TriggerHappy (Aug 16, 2004)
It's obvious this is longway's style, and I say it's awesome! love the whole face, has a romantic aura to it and a definite softness. I like it LW :)
emmamommalag (Aug 16, 2004)
I like it, too. I love your style, longway.
Aubrey (Aug 16, 2004)
Who's Inounewa? This is purdy Longway. The face is similar to others you've drawn but the change in the details of everything else make it very pretty too.
longway (Aug 17, 2004)
thanks everyone, axil, or dan or whatever, i'd love to have your ability. your pictures are wonderful. i do love red hair, and i almost seem destined to draw it. lol, but i'll try some other stuff too. but i won't promise not to do any and everyone, i am inounewa on youdraw....the graduation to color here has been difficult. but in time i'll get more versatile, and better with the programs....thanks
Mipunai (Aug 18, 2004)
This is really pretty, I like the hair a lot n_n
damnskippytakn-a-break (Aug 22, 2004)
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