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furyofroy (Aug 12, 2004) — edit
Father Anderson from Hellsing. If only Cloxboy was here to see this. :)

Some of it is from memory, some is from a reference pic.

[edit] It's amazing how different a picture looks from the thumbnail on the front page. Ugh.
furyofroy (Aug 12, 2004)
drawn in 6 hours 48 min
Anna (Aug 12, 2004)
:O I like it! the lines are so smoooth
Hakkai (Aug 12, 2004)
o_o; I saw this... then looked at the do0dle I had on the floor. Omfg did it look the same (sorta). The expression, the hair... Although yours is alot better and more detailed than mine. n___n;;
davincipoppalag (Aug 13, 2004)
I like the way you drew the eyeglasses!
concannon (Aug 13, 2004)
Great job. o_O The linework is fantastic, and I like the glasses too. His many many teeth, however, frighten me.
TheCrimsonKing (Aug 13, 2004)

Yes, this is very very good. Looks straight out of a comic.
Kasha (Aug 13, 2004)
this is what oekaki is all about.
15grifficorntears (Aug 13, 2004)
ANDERSON!! anderson is AWSOME!! don't know where he keeps getting those bayonets from though.
furyofroy (Aug 13, 2004)
He's fourth-dimensional. So there. :P
Pence (Aug 13, 2004)
Wow! i love this! this is awesome. i love the style.
marcello (Aug 13, 2004)
First 'mando, and now you. Yae!
Priszcilla (Aug 13, 2004)
I absolutely love this style!
mangaflip (Aug 13, 2004)
Father Anderson from fellsing ? i believed that is Mr Tucker from Full MEtal Alchemist ^^
Aubrey (Aug 13, 2004)
That's cool Fury. It does look like it's out of a comic. The expression makes him look madly insane lol.
Childlike_Vampire (Aug 13, 2004)
That is fkn beautiful.
metalhead8363 (Aug 13, 2004)
Hellsing is my favorite anime/manga, nice work
spiritdweller (edited Aug 14, 2004)
like this would've stayed in Advanced if I did it... phhff.... so partial.... it's good and all that
Gnome-Commando (Aug 16, 2004)
Whoa it's Anderson the Paladin! That looks rockin! But I still have no idea where he got the 20 bayonets to throw at police girl....
bumpinthenight (Aug 18, 2004)
day-ahm... great stuff.... hellsing... I wanted to start buying the manga, but I was broke... I really should get a job!!! XD
DieChan (Aug 23, 2004)
HOLY SHIZZLE ON RYE! I looked at the pic, and was blown away. I was like, "That's cool! Who did it?" I looked up and realized that FoR did it! I was even farther amazed! It doesn't look like your style (mainly because you draw furries), but it's cool. *pauses* He actually took a break from furries?! *faints* Veddy cool pic BTW, Hellsing rocks!
Destervetha (Aug 23, 2004)
I was taking a leisurely scroll down the advanced board, letting my eyes cross...drifting in my own little world...and then I was like...BAM! HEY! I know that guy! That's Father Anderson! WHoA!! Absoballylutely fantastic, perfect, utterly in the same style as the manga. I agree with DieChan's first sentence totally!
Xodiak (edited Sep 3, 2004)
If you click on 75% or 50% and then back to 100% size, you can see the resizing errors by looking on the dotted grid pattern on the character's shirt, it is not entirely symmetrical. The drawing seems smaller by about 1 horizontal line and 1 vertical. You have to click on 100% twice more in order to make it look sized correctly... <:)
I used both Firefox Mozilla and IE and they both show the same behaviour. >:)
Oh... and FuryofRoy's drawing is very cool! It is not a cute naked fury girl, Xod is surprised! >:D
TaCO (Oct 16, 2004)
O.O COOL PIC!!!!!!!!
Nightmare (Dec 10, 2004)
Hellsing kicks major arse. Beautiful drawing. Ohh..and also..*shows hell*
kinkydoomhobbit (Jan 15, 2005)
:o lol, I've only read the 1st Helling, and only once, aaaages ago, and I still reconised him! n_n lol, my reaction was something akin to "ACK! ITS THAT CRAZY BA... wow, that is a REALY cool picture *jaw drops* AMAZING style..." n_n; im odd
Amethysts (Apr 20, 2005)
I did think it was Mr. Tucker from FMA when I saw the thumbnail and then I click it and... BOOM
geekyshoes (May 3, 2005)
this kick ass!!!must of taken you ages!!
Chrosstitch (Sep 8, 2005)
This is a beautiful picture! I love the anime... but you know I never could get to likeing Father Anderson... He... well... just wasn't that likable.. O.o;
candehfeind (Oct 7, 2005)
*spasms* I luuurve Hellsing. 8D. I only have the first episode though :(...

Awesome drawing.
~E.U.R.O.B.E.A.T.~ (Oct 27, 2005)
Don't put down furries. They never did anything bad to you.
Maiko (Oct 27, 2005)
TT__TT Foxes are NOT gay *sob*
korvachan (Nov 1, 2005)
*_* wow... looks like its a page right out of the manga!
Maribo (Mar 11, 2006)
i know isnt it awsome-
Mad_Cow_Disease (May 24, 2006)
very awesome.
Resha-Murdock (Sep 4, 2006)
Wow. Heheh, very neat~ n_nb
Meggeh (Nov 18, 2006)
This is gorgeous. <3
Nizabaro (Feb 14, 2007)
damn it looks exactly like the style ( Iknow that's probably not what you want to hear T^T sorry) but that IS amazing
Suntan (Apr 17, 2009)
What a great piece of work.
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