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drawn in 3 hours 22 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
strangeoid (Aug 12, 2004)
Not a very creative title, I know, but for lack of anything wittier...
strangeoid (Aug 12, 2004)
drawn in 21 min
strangeoid (Aug 20, 2004)
drawn in 44 min
strangeoid (Aug 21, 2004)
drawn in 20 min
LovelyLori (Aug 21, 2004)
woah I'd never attempt a draw like this... you pulled it off real well, nice job
strangeoid (Aug 21, 2004)
drawn in 26 min
My sad attempt at a bg... I mostly fixed the rough lines. I tried to do woodgrain, but I'm far too tired to try that tonight.
davincipoppalag (Aug 21, 2004)
I think it's a pretty good drawing of the subject, but somehow, it appears to be floating over the table? It needs something to put it down on the surface. I don't know exactly how that would be done, but I guess more shadows under there. One of my friends and his wife are designers, and every year , instead of a Christmas card, they send me an origami animal ornament to hang on the tree. I have 20 of them downstairs.
marcello (Aug 22, 2004)
I think it's supposed to be 'floating' over the table. That is, it is balancing on its belly.
Anna (Aug 22, 2004)
This is super cool. I like the lighting on it. looks pretty real.
TriggerHappy (Aug 22, 2004)
wow! very nice and a very difficult subject it looks like. Great job! looks like an origami frog to me
strangeoid (Aug 22, 2004)
*nods* Marcello's right, it's balancing on one side of it's belly. I'm having a bit of trouble with the table to make it look like that, though... : /
left_hander (Aug 22, 2004)
its great jossy wonderful!!!!!!!!1 you keep up the good work (lover)!
strangeoid (Sep 5, 2004)
drawn in 33 min
strangeoid (Sep 5, 2004)
drawn in 47 min
strangeoid (Sep 5, 2004)
drawn in 7 min
Gigge (Sep 5, 2004)
I like the title. I thought it was a beetle at first. I was looking at it backwards. Very cool how the frog looks so much more real than the rest of the image. I like that effect.
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