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Ty854 (Jul 22, 2004)
Im sure there has been a post about this already, but i was wondering some brands or types of tablets that are good quality easy to use and reasonably priced? Thank you.
Anna (Jul 22, 2004)
I use a Wacom Graphire3 4x5. Smallest one.. but does the trick. It was $99 not including tax. You could prolly find it cheaper online though.
Ty854 (Jul 23, 2004)
cheetos (Sep 9, 2004)
right now I'm saving up for one.
PolythenePam (Sep 9, 2004)
I bought a middle sized wacom intuos 2 tablet about 4 years ago. I'm really pissed though because the balance thing inside the pen is off so it only works properly on the eraser end. It cost me $700 too. (that's NZ dollars)
But it's a great tablet, apart from the pen thing. I might buy a new pen...$90 dollars...Grrr....
Xodiak (Sep 10, 2004)
The same happened to me on my old wacom Graphire, the pointer started to become extremely jerky (I would place the pen on the tablet still and the cursor still moved!) Thankfully my 2 year old wacom Intuos 2 tablet is still working well. Some people are complaining though that wacom does not offer easy multimonitor support (you cannot set a hotkey or a pen button to change output from one monitor to the other, you have to change the settings from the control panel each time)
Celala (Oct 7, 2004)
There to expencive!!!! I don't even have a dollar!!! GRRRRR.............
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