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Day-chan (Jan 19, 2003)
Lol.. Chinese lessons are boring! the only thing I liked about it is that I learned to write, say, and identify the phrase, 'Your ma ma" XD!!

In other words.. I lost my inpiration and creativity and started drawing random things. n_n;
Day-chan (Jan 19, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
Azelrellon (edited Jan 19, 2003)
MORE? I like how the Neck leans out. Like all necks do. All but mine. v_v
I also like the eyes, nose, mouth, hair, (...Continues on for rather long...) and the whole thing!
Why are some people blessed twice, I do not know.
Heh. Really good job. YET AGAIN, FURTHERMORE GREAT WORKS... >_<
Buuuuut... HOW is this 13+? I am confuzzled beyond means. Either I am missing something, or there is some difficult explanation. ??___??
ChinkyFlip (edited Jan 19, 2003)
Day-chan, your art is AMAZING! And I love the little emoticon at the bottom of the word bubble.. And the shading of the picture. Very cute. :) Did you do it all with Watercolor? Your style is suPERB. :D!
cherikit-chan (edited Jan 19, 2003)
That is really good, I think you're lucky to be learning chinese!
Kazukie (edited Jan 19, 2003)
I *WISH* Chinese was one of the courses we could take! =[ I'm in Spanish... *gag*
DarkFire_Pheonix (edited Jan 20, 2003)
i've been learning japanese, itch, ni, san, che, go, ro, ku,sit chi, hat chi, ku, ju. whitch is numbers one to ten. i also know a few inapropreat phrases, so i'm not gonna say em. chinese is kinda cool, but japanese is cooler.
cherikit-chan (edited Jan 21, 2003)
You're taking JAPANESE??? Do you know how much I've been wanting to learn it??? You are LUCKY... tha highschool I'm supposed to be attending doesn't even offer chinese, only Italian, French, Spanish, and German... *_*
Maiko (edited May 26, 2003)
uh 1-ten is
ichi, ni, san, shi (yon,yo), go, roku, shichi (nana), hachi, ku(Kyuu), ju
and some inappropriate phrases?
baka (stupid, not so bad...) Kisama (you!!!!, or bastard), Chikusho (damn it)
Kudabachime (fuck you) teme (crap),Shimata (shit)heh heh ^__^
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