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drawn in 1 hour 31 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Showcase entry!
thug (Apr 20, 2004)
ooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaawwww.....uuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeee....ah looie looie, hey we gotta go now!
thug (Apr 20, 2004)
drawn in 11 min
thug (Apr 20, 2004)
drawn in 15 min
thug (Apr 20, 2004)
drawn in 22 min
thug (Apr 20, 2004)
drawn in 20 min
thug (Apr 20, 2004)
drawn in 15 min
thug (Apr 20, 2004)
drawn in 4 min
Clueless3 (Apr 20, 2004)
WOW, thats awesome!!
Pandora (Apr 20, 2004)
Did I turn to discovery channel? :) I love watching sea life this is truly beautiful.You gave the feeling of depth in the sea. the texture with the light on the small baby whale is perfect. Really what can I say except keep doing more ,you're a pro.
dixielandcutie (Apr 20, 2004)
awwww, thug!! you are awesome. what an amazing job, and an adorable topic rock my socks!
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Apr 20, 2004)
Great choice of color... makes you feel like you're way under, and you did an excellent job of rendering the water reflections on the whales. It's a whale of a picture!!! :D (and a picture of a whale... lol)
davincipoppalag (Apr 20, 2004)
This one is even better than the shark thug. I love how you did the light on the whale. You really represented that water filtered light effect very well! Great pic!
emmamommalag (Apr 20, 2004)
This is just awesome.. it feels like we are right there under the water with them.
xwindflyer (Apr 20, 2004)
This is absolutley great, fantastic job. every thing works, the light, the color, and... just everything.
Aubrey (Apr 20, 2004)
This reminds me of Sea World, how the mommy and baby dolphins and whales swim together and float past the window like they're saying "hiiiii look at my new lil baby!!" Excellent picture and I agree, the shark was great but this is even greater. Very sweet.
starmarked (Apr 21, 2004)
Thug that is soo really looking..nice sound effect too..
LovelyLori (Apr 21, 2004)
awesome whaleage thug, good goin, as always ;)
Kloxboy (Apr 21, 2004)
That straight up rox. A lot of subtle details, many colors making up the forms, very beautiful.
HJ (Apr 21, 2004)
Can you speak whale? Thug sure can! XD
laurael (Apr 21, 2004)
This is excellent, thug. Congrats on showcase...deservith...underwater pics rock...
misterjimsan (May 31, 2004)
oh man this is absolutely gorgeous
Erewin (Jun 16, 2004)
Wow! You created that water thing effect really well! Lovely mood happening here ... like peace ... love ... safety. Nice.
gloworm043 (Jul 1, 2004)
What a wonderful picture Thug...I love the concept of mother and baby..and the way you did the light filtering through the water..just beautiful.:)
Pantera (Jul 1, 2004)
Beautiful job, I love everything about this drawing :)
Bumble_Beez (Jul 13, 2004)
Wow, thisis beautiful! I love the light, it's rippling, like the water! ^_^
JackSprat (Jul 14, 2004)
LOL! Another beautiful pic.....I just have to laugh, because you are, after all, a thug.
Yuugi-chan (Sep 17, 2004)
very nice
HunterKiller_ (Nov 11, 2004)
YAY! Whale! I can speak to him! Hhhhooooowwwwwww aarRRReeeEE YYoooOOOuuuUUu MMmmmYyyyy FFrrriiiiIIieeEEENNNNnnnddDD.
IkariIreuL (Nov 19, 2004)
Sexy whales
Thegan (Dec 26, 2005)
wow pretty realy good me likey
fishface (Jan 17, 2009)
Simply amazing!
davincipoppalag (Jan 7, 2021)
I thought a little whale watching would be in order
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