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drawn in 1 hour 5 min with Lascaux Sketch
fleeting_memory (Feb 16, 2004)
All done now yay-what do you guys think?
This is for you Gig
fleeting_memory (Feb 16, 2004)
drawn in 27 min
Gigandas (Feb 17, 2004)
Nice^^.I like it so far><....wanna see how it turns out....>v<.
fleeting_memory (Feb 19, 2004)
drawn in 27 min
aw shoot I have to fix that rain in the front-oh well-I like how the breath turned out but I have to go to bed so I'll work on this more later...
Gigandas (Feb 20, 2004)
You're right, the breath is awesome >v<.I like how the hand is turning out too^^.The way you made the fingernails painted and highlights done there are really cool XD.I'll be waiting to see this completed^^.And thanks again, for drawing this for me*hugs**feels special^^*
fleeting_memory (Feb 21, 2004)
drawn in 11 min
done! Tell me what you guys think...
Gigandas (Feb 21, 2004)
It's finished^^!Very nice....I like how you faded out the light blue and added it to the gray rain drops.I can also make out all the spots where the rain is hitting the hand and the face^^.And on top of all that, you can see how cold it is outside with that breath^^.I'm impressed><-I can really feel what it's like out there...great job once again and thanks^^.
dixielandcutie (Feb 22, 2004)
cool! very cool, judging from the visible
fleeting_memory (Feb 22, 2004)
haha^^ thanks Dixie
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