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drawn in 2 hours with Lascaux Sketch Classic
dixielandcutie (Feb 4, 2004)
puppy love--lol, just thought the pose'd be cute. hopefully i can make it look like a dog ;p
dixielandcutie (Feb 4, 2004)
drawn in 33 min
dixielandcutie (Feb 6, 2004)
drawn in 22 min
ok, now there's a dog-like blob insteada just a not finished yet...but any suggestions on making the fur realistic?
sal (Feb 6, 2004)
cool pic... the eys look good... the ears look slightly odd tho... bit big
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 6, 2004)
This is great, Dixie. Just keep adding detail to the puppy - make sure you do some color for the background and shadow under his legs. You are rockin!
pix (Feb 6, 2004)
A suggestion to draw fur is start dabbing the darkest colors first. Follow the direction of the hair, and blur only a few spots. You are doing great so far Dixie. :-)
dixielandcutie (edited Feb 6, 2004)
thanks yall...will definitely remember all that when i work on it...but yes dba, lol, havent gotten there yet *grin* how exciting* hehe. (OH...does the leg positioning look right? im tryin to think how that would go...but, i dunno, lol, lemme know if it looks funky)
dixielandcutie (edited Feb 6, 2004)
drawn in 42 min
ok, did some more stuff...still have a lot to do (sky, fence, snout, and general fur ;p), but its break time. suggestions appreciated! thanks :)
Alicia (Feb 6, 2004)
The pup is being mischievous Isn't he ?:)
Gigandas (Feb 7, 2004)
Whoa, very cute.It looks like one of those pictures you find in the dog calenders^^.I'm really bad with names of the different types of dogs so...I wouldn't know what it was, but looking really good.You gotta draw more often^^.
laurael (Feb 7, 2004)
OMG...this is looking so awesomely cute! Nice job on the fur!
dixielandcutie (Feb 7, 2004)
drawn in 21 min
ok, i see stuff i could fix still...but i think im gonna leave this one, g, a calender. its a collie btw...:) and yea...this one didnt turn out as well as id hoped...
Gigandas (Feb 7, 2004)
It looks like its drawn on one of those textured drawing papers.I think thats pretty cool right there.Actually, I wish I could do that kinda thing to the texture of the face of the guy I'm drawing right now since his skin is kinda that way....okay, I know I'm confusing everybody right now so I'll stop^^;.Anyways, I think its great even though you may not like it.So you're just gonna have to deal with it XD...
Derogatory1 (Feb 7, 2004)
The textured feel of this pic is great. It looks like it's Made out of felt or something... ^_^
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 7, 2004)
He looks so soft and fuzzy! I love your red fence, too. You did a great job, Dixie :D. Looks like he's about to hop over and chew up the neighbor's shoes! Better get him!
Look (Feb 7, 2004)
Cute dog. The texture on the fence is really good.
dixielandcutie (Feb 7, 2004)
aw thanks yall. any suggestions for next time??...*just noticed the lack of shading in eyes...grumble...oh well, lol*
gothamgirl (Feb 9, 2004)
He is adorable!! *hugs*
Elwing (Feb 23, 2004)
Ah so cute! ^_^ I love it!
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