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drawn in 4 hours 21 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
xvolcomx (Jan 6, 2004)
Everyone draws one....heres mine. :)
xvolcomx (Jan 6, 2004)
drawn in 4 hours 21 min
Fin_beast (Jan 6, 2004)
Yeyness! First to comment!
Wow that is soooo cool!
Looks like he is really opening that eyelid!
Evil bugger!
I like the elipse...
ky (Jan 6, 2004)
I haven't drawn one. So there.

Nice eye. I like that little... guy...
RIKG (Jan 6, 2004)
This is truly amazing!
The hole piece, Is uber good.
I love the inside on the eye. (red part)
DragonClaw (Jan 6, 2004)
just seein pics this good pisses me off lol... nice pic dude its awsome!!!!
Porcelain (Jan 6, 2004)
Lovely how you've only kept it to one version, babe. I want to take the demon home and tie him up to my bed and.. And have.. Conversations with him.. Yes.. *Purr.* Wonderful artwork -- though I think you copped out on the border. ;)
marcello (Jan 6, 2004)
Looks really nice, the detail in the demon/skin is incredible, but since everyone like it, I'm gonna try to critisize. :-)
First of all, the oval immediately takes a lot away from the picture, transforming what's a fairly organic image into a machine cut image. Maybe if you made the shape a little more irregular, or perhaps more recognizable (perhaps an eye shape).
after that, the lack over shading over the rest of the face is kinda of weird (gives the picture the look of an eye on this flat surface). This more of the incredible detail in the skin around the eye.
Last of all, the iris/pupil of the eye could use some work. A lot more clarity in the iris would make it fit well with the detail level you've set for the rest of the piece. A slight perspective adjustment on the pupil.
But it's still a great piece, the green dude just plain rocks.

Guess I'll have to draw an eye pic one of these days
strangeoid (Jan 8, 2004)
*winces in pain* Ouchies... Geez, that would sting! Cute little devil, though.
mkkmypet (Jan 8, 2004)
THIS IS NICE. the eyeball is a little mishapen though. I like it nonetheless... That little guy is awesome, in fact your awesome.
xvolcomx (Jan 10, 2004)
Thanks for the c&c. .....yeah, I wanted to make the foreground a 'hole' with the surface of rusted metal, but as said...i copped out.
I should've spent more time on this but sometimes you gotta let go.

honeywhiska (Jan 11, 2004)
This is sooo cute ^^
ambermac (Jan 12, 2004)
i like the flat,iconic feel combined with the meticulous shading. the only thing i think needs work is the iris. the lid flap is really well done.
safescene (Jan 13, 2004)
jeez,'re the shit
Xodiak (Apr 1, 2004)
Haha, a little eyelid holding demon... Xod likes him, he must be of the little demons that make people stay up for many hours a day, past their sleeping times. He must be of the insomnia demons. He looks so cute! <:D
Very pretty drawing! >:)
LovelyLori (Apr 1, 2004)
ow... man... yucko, but cool
LEELEE (Jul 19, 2004)
ewwww, just the thought of a little green bugger pulling on my eyelid frreaks me out, but you did a great job on this! Pretty Blue eye!
Cordelia_Pink (Jul 19, 2004)
whoa, this is interesting. lol The green dude looks kinda cute when mad lol XD
Xodiak (Jun 20, 2005)
It reminds me of this picture too: link
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