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drawn in 1 hour 49 min with Kleki
---Luna (Dec 25, 2023)
idk man
---Luna (Dec 25, 2023)
drawn in 13 min
---Luna (Dec 26, 2023)
drawn in 33 min
Oh I actually did the lineart and coloring... I thought it would stay as a lazy sketch
---Luna (Dec 26, 2023)
drawn in 4 min
yum yum blood
PlainJerzel (Dec 27, 2023)
They alr? They got ketchup on themselves
---Luna (Jan 22, 2024)
drawn in 24 min
detail ig
---Luna (Jan 22, 2024)
drawn in 23 min
finished lol
RUSSIANFOXX (Jan 23, 2024)
oe noes what happen to their eye
---Luna (Jan 23, 2024)
I have no idea actually-
PlainJerzel (Jan 24, 2024)
Lol they remind me of doctors I see on shows, minus the insane look XD
---Luna (Jan 24, 2024)
drawn in 9 min
The characters name is Micheal and he uses they/them/he/him and whats going on is that he's infected and going a bit insane too ig
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