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drawn in 8 min with Kleki
PlainJerzel (Dec 13, 2023)
I had this idea and want to try it
What happens is I am going to spin a wheel with my name and the three other people that want to take part on it. The first two will switch and the last two will switch
Say in the comments if u are interested, first three people to say so will be added (and link or draw your sona)
PlainJerzel (Dec 13, 2023)
drawn in 6 min
RUSSIANFOXX (Dec 13, 2023)
oooh that looks cool
PlainJerzel (Dec 13, 2023)
You wanna apply?
RUSSIANFOXX (Dec 13, 2023)
yea sure
PlainJerzel (Dec 13, 2023)
drawn in 2 min
2 more needed
susu (Dec 14, 2023)
Kk, what will the switching do
PlainJerzel (Dec 15, 2023)
What it will do is it will switch the species of your sona with theirs, you wanna apply?
susu (Dec 15, 2023)
Now no
RUSSIANFOXX (Dec 15, 2023)
whats the oppisite of human??
PlainJerzel (Dec 15, 2023)
No what I mean is this:
Say we have a cow and a monkey. The cow wears a scarf and the monkey wears a hat.
When we switch the cow and monkey the cow wears the hat and looks like the monkey, and vise versa the monkey

That was confusing to type
RUSSIANFOXX (Dec 15, 2023)
uh okay....
susu (Dec 16, 2023)
Oh ok I though you meant fursona
PlainJerzel (edited Dec 16, 2023)
Change ur mind? Lol
susu (Dec 20, 2023)
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