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100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 1 hour 46 min with Kleki
RUSSIANFOXX (Nov 3, 2023)
bro the background took so long lol
RUSSIANFOXX (Nov 3, 2023)
drawn in 1 hour 9 min
im thinkin of making a comic out of this but i might be too lazy to make one
RUSSIANFOXX (Nov 4, 2023)
drawn in 14 min
im workin on the logo now
RUSSIANFOXX (edited Nov 5, 2023)
drawn in 23 min
ye is done. also to answer my question, yes i will make a comic out of this once i get the lore down first.
AmigeEctordiss (Nov 9, 2023)
Listen. I hate cleaning toilets just as much as the next guy. But i have a trick. Listen closely. As I'm scrubbing the base of the toilet, i pretend i have a fetish for toilets. I know, sounds weird. But this works. Take your sponge and start moaning. This will enable your arousal senses. You will soon start to enjoy scrubbing away at it. I pretend my toilet is a big fat juicy badonkadonk and I'm giving it a feel. Visualize whatever you want. Soon you'll have urges to lick the toilet. Don't. Not yet. It isn't clean yet. Keep scrubbing away. Once your toilet is finally all nice and clean, go on, you deserve it.
susu (Nov 9, 2023)
This was uncalled for
PlainJerzel (Nov 10, 2023)
are you going to make the comic here?
RUSSIANFOXX (Nov 10, 2023)
possibly but i might post it on another site idk
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