boardsbeginnerHe's a trans fem lol
100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 3 hours 28 min with Kleki
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 18, 2023)
I'm actually gonna put effert into this so ye
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 18, 2023)
drawn in 41 min
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 18, 2023)
drawn in 18 min
finished lineart. im gonna finish this when i get home from school. i need to go to bed im tired -_-
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 19, 2023)
drawn in 22 min
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 19, 2023)
drawn in 26 min
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 19, 2023)
drawn in 12 min
oop gotta go eat
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 19, 2023)
drawn in 6 min
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 20, 2023)
drawn in 24 min
augh need better shading. anyone got tips???
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 20, 2023)
drawn in 17 min
i did this during class lol
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 20, 2023)
drawn in 38 min
okeh im almost done AUGHGGHGHGH
kik (Oct 20, 2023)
SLAYY- nice colors fr
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 21, 2023)
oh my goodness darling thank you so much. <3333
PlainJerzel (Oct 21, 2023)
Looks cool, as for shading one tip I can give is to try and have a light source shining down on the character I guess.

But cool, purple is my favorite color
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 21, 2023)
omg bruv same. theres a really cool game called purple.
PlainJerzel (Oct 21, 2023)
So I went to google this game, and multiple results came up, can you link the game plz I'm curious
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 21, 2023)
i cant link the game because of the admin settings on my school computer, but try searching up "Purple by mortisfox". if you see a purple haired man with a grey-blue sweater, you got the game. the game is on this website called
PlainJerzel (Oct 21, 2023)
Found it, I will take a look at it and come back with my opinion...
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 21, 2023)
yeahhhh das what im talkin about baby.
PlainJerzel (Oct 22, 2023)
I return, game was very cool and liked the artstyle!
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 22, 2023)
ahhhh, i'd knew you'd like it!
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 24, 2023)
drawn in 1 min
Oki I'm donee
kik (Oct 24, 2023)
Wait- i was trying to find the change in the last submission and I saw u literally just made the eye darker lol 😭
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 25, 2023)
AmigeEctordiss (Oct 25, 2023)
Okay, if I... if I chop you up in a meat grinder, and the only thing that comes out, that's left of you, is your eyeball, you'r- you're PROBABLY DEAD! You're probably going to - not you, I'm just sayin', like, if you- if somebody were to, like, push you into a meat grinder, and, like, your- one of your finger bones is still intact, they're not gonna pick it up and go, "Well see, yeah it wasn't deadly, it wasn't an instant kill move! You still got, like, this part of your finger left!" NO I'M NOT GONNA PUT YOU INTO A MEAT GRINDER. I'M NOT GONNA PUT YOU INTO A MEAT GRINDER. NO. I'm making a reference to the fact that, like, if I, like, if I were to get fucking KILLED... I don't know, YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN'. If- if- okay, if you were to- okay we're gonna take humans out of this, if alien Globgobglobgo 1 fuckin' shoots a disintegrating ray at alien Globglo 2, if there's only fucking TEETH LEFT, it's- it's fucking you're dead, you're dead.
"If I were to put you in a meat grinder," goddamnit, it's so fucked up! You understand what I'm sayin' though, I'm not actually saying that I'm going to put somebody in a meat grinder, goddamnit. Whatever.
PlainJerzel (Oct 25, 2023)
Amige typed a whole essay...
RUSSIANFOXX (Oct 25, 2023)
my braincells are gone
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