100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 2 hours 18 min with Kleki
susu (Mar 7, 2023)
Hats for a game. If you also like hats/headgear, tell me WHAT U WANT
susu (Mar 7, 2023)
drawn in 1 hour 50 min
susu (Mar 7, 2023)
drawn in 23 min
susu (Mar 7, 2023)
drawn in 4 min
made the horse less... something. Is there a way to make a certain portion of a drawing smaller?
deunownartist (Mar 8, 2023)
susu (Mar 8, 2023)
croweatrosze (Mar 9, 2023)
Because kleki doesn't have a lasso tool, you can duplicate/copy the layer and erase some parts of it (the part you don't want to resize) go back to the og layer (you should lower both of the opacity on the layers, so you could see it better) and erase the part you want to resize, then you should have two separate layers, one with the part you want to resize. you can go to <edit> and use any of those, transform is probably the best one to use. (hope this helps!)
susu (Mar 10, 2023)
Thank you rose eating crow! this actually helps out a ton :)
susu (Mar 10, 2023)
drawn in 59 sec
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