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drawn in 1 hour 12 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Blackmoon (Jul 13, 2009)
see the background? yea its all the same color! there is nochangement of color and the writing create that optical illusion :O yea well its pretty unfinished but im gonna put it finished and maybe finish it later :P
btw, i got tree rats and lovvvve rats, they are so smart and cutttte. I dont understand people who hate them cause they are useful to humans, cleaning sewers and are actually very clean and loving and cuddly. i even installed them a litter with real litter and they use it too poop and pee
Blackmoon (Jul 13, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 12 min
Blackmoon (Jul 13, 2009)
drawn in 54 sec
firecracker (Jul 14, 2009)
This is a really cool looking rat......I like it. I don't think I would like to have one for a pet though.....they just aren't as cute and cuddly as a hamster. My sister would like to have a rat for a pet.....she really likes them.....but I like the cute adorable little hamsters. Great draw though! :)
davincipoppalag (Jul 14, 2009)
Cute. I like rats too =D
catfish (Jul 14, 2009)
Good drawing of a rodent and my cat loves them too.
lori (Jul 14, 2009)
The teeth on rodents make me nervous as hell, always have, so I won't hold them. Why cats' and dogs' teeth don't freak me out is beyond me. Good drawing though!
Caddris (Jul 14, 2009)
Awww! This is a very good draw. Makes me want to reach out ant pet it!
My friend has pet rats and I'm jealous. They love hanging out on her shoulders. You just can't wear a hamster on your shoulder like you can a rat.
elly (Jul 14, 2009)
Aw, he is very cute...make's me think about the movie "Ben" =)
SamiJ1000 (Jul 14, 2009)
Aww this is soo cute! I have a guinea pig named 'Piggie Pie' and I sometimes call her little rodent. :D
Blackmoon (edited Jul 14, 2009)
wow so many comments! ,thanks everyone!
vlad.the.hamster (Jul 14, 2009)
The background idea is pretty cool. :P
So is the rat. haha
backmagicwoman (Jul 15, 2009)
Nice hair..looks really soft...
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