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taori (Oct 5, 2003)
Hi there, everyone...okay, those of you who have seen my early pictures know that I have improved a LOT. I mean, like, a whoooole lot. I think so, anyway. So I was wondering, since some of the pictures I spend time on don't suck too bad, could I post on intermediate without apologizing once in a while as long as the pictures are up to the standards? Granted, I still feel safer/less guilty on beginner, but having posted on intermediate once or twice lately, I'm getting majorly hooked on being able to actually edit pictures. *Gaspeth* I guess what I'm mainly asking is, am I a major source of annoyance who should stop posting on intermediate altogether or is it okay if I keep putting stuff there once in a while as long as it's passable artwork with obvious effort put into it? Alright, just wondering, gracias.
Edward (Oct 5, 2003)
i think your new stuff looks great specially your newest one the highlights are wonderfull i dont really mind ^^
mazi (Oct 6, 2003)
hmm.. id say if you keep a few things in mind a put a lot of effort into your pics its good. (keeping in mind i still post on the beginner when im not planning on using a lot of effort)
one of the biggest things is if your doing line art its really damn important to the piece and clean line art can make or break a pic. for awesome lineart expect an hour of work or more. though with more practice you might need less time.. as well go back to my rant and read that, and you should be fine...
taori (Oct 6, 2003)
Much appreciated! And don't worry, I'm not in the habit of posting the spamtastic bull crap I used to put on... only an utter masochist would dare look at the old stuff on my user board. O.O; Thank ye, and Mazi, you're right, I shall work on lineart before going all post-happy. XD
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