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---LunaDraws (Apr 3, 2024)
why nobody commenting on anyones art for 4 days :(
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kik (Apr 3, 2024)
Probably cus of spring break πŸ˜…
Lilbunni_is_drawing (Apr 5, 2024)
yeah kik's right hahaha
yellow.nutella (Apr 6, 2024)
Y'all are on break? I was taking tests ):
susu (edited Apr 8, 2024)
4 what? Skill issue, btw
drawn in 15 min with Kleki
kik (Oct 31, 2023)
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luv2 (Mar 18, 2024)
Yes, you do have talent and I love all your sequences of this draw.
kik (Mar 19, 2024)
Thanks luv2! ^^
yellow.nutella (Apr 6, 2024)
Bungo Stray Dogs OTL
kik (Apr 9, 2024)
LMAO stopp im so obsessed with it now 😍😭
drawn in 23 hours with Kleki
Main Forums/The Post Board 
How Many Characters Do U Have?
PlainJerzel (Mar 6, 2024)
I am just curious about this lol Not counting The Jerverse (A project I want to do in the future) I have 38 characters
Public Boards/Beginner 
susu (Aug 28, 2023)
So bored, don’t want to draw anything effort anymore, just doodles. Here ya go. What I think you would be in my art style based off your comments and how ya draw. Draw me now? πŸ˜³πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ
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---LunaDraws (Mar 19, 2024)
you see me(---Luna?) as a bubble cat?(just on an alt)
susu (Mar 19, 2024)
You draw a bunch of cats a bubbles
yellow.nutella (Apr 6, 2024)
Oh my gosh!! Is that my Mii!?? IT'S SO ADORABLE!!,
susu (Apr 8, 2024)
I think so, thanks XP
drawn in 1 hour 43 min with Kleki
yellow.nutella (Dec 18, 2023)
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spotdiamonda (Dec 20, 2023)
I've been watching your account for like a year and you've just been getting better and better. Keep up the good work! (I'm on an alt btw)
kik (Dec 20, 2023)
so real
---Luna (Jan 17, 2024)
How do you do lineart like that? Could you give me some tips?
yellow.nutella (Apr 6, 2024)
I'm so sorry for the late response πŸ˜–πŸ™
To be honest, I've really just played around with it over the years but to get that style I use third brush option (the one next to the square) on Kleki since it's the only one that gives me a lil bit of texture. I keep it relatively thin at the beginning and work my way up to more thickness. How I decide where to go over and make it thicker is to think about where my light source is coming from. I tried to make the light come from above (I'm not so good at lighting and coloring in general T^T) hence the thicker lines under the sleeve and chin. I outlining my subject to, so they pop out little more. I hope this helps! And sorry again for taking so long, HS goes hard :c
drawn in 1 hour 58 min with Kleki
spotdiamonda (Dec 19, 2023)
For any context, ITA is the involuntary treatment act. It means the government can rule trapping adolescents in often abusive psych wards against their will. I was held for 6 months in one of these places, and they just loaded me up with meds and they never helped me. I've been to 3 different psych wards and they don't help, they keep you safe, but that's it. They worsen your mental health and deprive you of free will. It is literally juvie, and trust me I've been there too. Every time I've been released, I end up relapsing worse than before I went there. They either need to fix their system or abolish it. I have endured many traumatic experiences there, from being raped, to being beat up by other residents. Not a place to put teenagers with mental health issues.
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---Luna (Dec 20, 2023)
I am absolutely bewildered that they can actually do this and that this happened to you and I hope you feel better
spotdiamonda (Dec 20, 2023)
thanks luna :)
---Luna (Dec 20, 2023)
your welcome, i know i already said this but I hope you feel better<3
yellow.nutella (Dec 20, 2023)
I'm so sorry you had to go through that, you didn't deserve it. Like Luna said, I hope you're in a better place now <3
drawn in 6 min with Kleki
yellow.nutella (Dec 17, 2023)
Y'all want to help me out?
5 comments – latest 4:
yellow.nutella (Dec 17, 2023)
I noticed Meiko resembled Ochako too OTL, I'll fix it though... Hopefully.
Kaito was born to be in a dress πŸ’…βœ¨
kik (Dec 17, 2023)
so real
but honestly ur anatomy is so frickin good *jealous tears*
yellow.nutella (Dec 17, 2023)
Naah jit trippin
Thank youu, it's not the best but I'm trying my best ((:
yellow.nutella (Dec 18, 2023)
drawn in 41 min
I think I fixed her face up a bit.
drawn in 1 hour 43 min with Kleki
RUSSIANFOXX (Dec 17, 2023)
my stylus pen broke so now I have to use my finger and it looks bad
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RUSSIANFOXX (Dec 17, 2023)
damn bro you use your finger too?
yellow.nutella (edited Dec 17, 2023)
Forever respect finger and mouse users, and trackpad ones too. Hope you get it replaced
RUSSIANFOXX (Dec 17, 2023)
drawn in 36 min
I'll clean it up tomorrow I'm fuckin tired man.
RUSSIANFOXX (Dec 18, 2023)
drawn in 25 min
Y'know, I would work on the detail more, I'm just too lazy.
drawn in 2 hours 13 min with Kleki
Main Forums/Drawing Discussion 
Drawing with a stylus
PlainJerzel (Dec 17, 2023)
So this is going to sound dumb, but I asked for a tablet for xmas (not a big fancy one or anything like that) and I asked for it to have a stylus to come with it, and I'm just asking if I were to get one of those thick styluses would this work alright for drawing?
Public Boards/Beginner 
yellow.nutella (Dec 16, 2023)
5 comments – latest 4:
PlainJerzel (Dec 17, 2023)
I remember seeing a few episodes in the past
kik (Dec 17, 2023)
I played the game too but i lost the cartridge :1
yellow.nutella (Dec 17, 2023)
drawn in 36 sec
F for kik
susu (edited Dec 17, 2023)
Sick! Glad ur back ^-^
drawn in 2 hours 42 min with Kleki
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