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Wolfheart (Mar 19, 2004)
Ahhdhahdhaldahsdh ahahahhaha...
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squee (Jun 23, 2004)
hmm nice picture. Your technique is very unique. the shading is so.. standy outy er.. yeah.. wow.. your good.
TaCO (Dec 2, 2004)
O.o Harry Potter, he looks american??? Great pic, I have never seen him draw like this before.
Cordelia_Pink (Dec 25, 2004)
Erm... HARRY POTTER??? You people think you know Harry Potter???! Do you see a SCAR on the forehead? Erm... no. Looks like this is just a person wearing glasses but a neatly drawn picture. =)
mukumuku (Dec 26, 2004)
i like the color and the sketchy ness.
drawn in 38 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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Knockoff (Mar 19, 2004)
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Knockoff (Mar 21, 2004)
Lol DBA! I bet it was amusing! Was he insane?

aznanime93 (Sep 6, 2004)
thats was good as a drawing lol
Isis (Nov 18, 2006)
this is beautiful.. jst like in a dream.. i love the colors
Knockoff (Jul 4, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 3 min with PaintBBS
JTablet v0.9.3 BETA released
marcello (Mar 7, 2004)
Just a quick note that I have finally have found time to fix a rather pesky bug in JTablet that causes it to crash java (most notably as closing down your browser with not even an error message). So, whether or not you have had problems, go test out the new version at:
Specialty Boards/Contest! 
sal (Mar 5, 2004)
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supermonkey (Mar 5, 2004)
Yes, I would wear this if it was on a T-shirt.
davincipoppalag (Mar 5, 2004)
lol silly super.. is it a coincidence..the poo is shaped like a Hersheys kiss?
Axil62 (Mar 6, 2004)
One thing I always like to try to remember "Don't poop the bed." I know, it sounds crazy, but ya know, somehow I believe it.
PinkuEspeon (Mar 6, 2004)
Okay, Sal... that's beautiful... x.x phew-wee! That sure is smell, but I also find this very cute! ^_^
drawn in 20 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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supermonkey (Mar 3, 2004)
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ToraNeko (Mar 3, 2004)
LOL! I saw the thumbnail and was "Hmm, I wonder if Monkey did that" lol I really like the dragon head the most grrrr lol
dixielandcutie (Mar 3, 2004)
that is an amazingly awesome sketch. nice work
15grifficorntears (Mar 3, 2004)
thats so cool! i love that the eye is the only colour, it gives the dragon life.
mazi (Mar 3, 2004)
sexy. i assume you used pen? hm. my "pen" stuff in oekaki never looks actually penlike to me. i love the structure of the head.
drawn in 28 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Main Forums/ 
dixielandcutie (Mar 1, 2004)
ok, either i just turned really dislexic, or everything is very backwards? hehe. please tell me im not insane!
Strange Signs
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 25, 2004)
What do the blue plus signs in brackets that are strangely beginning to appear after picture comments mean?
Public Boards/Intermediate 
ToraNeko (Feb 23, 2004)
I need Help with the BG
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dixielandcutie (Feb 25, 2004)
thats gorgeous, i love what you did with it : )
Noremac (Feb 25, 2004)
blood. tis a sign of human life
oversoul_trump (Feb 28, 2004)
Very nice detail on the clothing, the only thing I would say to improve on is the wings, they look a bit off :P but that might just be me
fleeting_memory (Feb 29, 2004)
I love your drawings but they all make me so sad-I really hope that you are not as sad as you're drawings ^^;;;
drawn in 6 hours 21 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
davincipoppalag (Feb 16, 2004)
Ok..done.. starting to get the hang of the tools...
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Brea83 (edited Mar 8, 2004)
Oh my god...
I live in the San Fran. bay area CA, right by the delta actually, so i'm used to seeing modern boats whenever i go downtown, but I dont much like them, modern boats that is.
But ships, real ships, the old ones, like what you drew, they bring tears to my eyes. When I was in fifth grade we had an over night field trip to a docked schooner called the CA Thayer, we got to pretend that we were back in the 1600's working on a ship(but without all the bad parts). It was amasing, and I was only on the Galley crew. ^^ I've always wanted to do something like that again, but I settle with just being able to go down to the delta for a day every couple of weeks.

But now I'm moving to the Dallas Texas region, and I'm going to be completely land locked. I get really sad when i think about it too much..

Oh, geez, I'm sorry, I totally rambled on there. It is a WONDERFUL piece.
I love it. Mind if I set it as part of a computer desktop image?
davincipoppalag (Mar 9, 2004)
thanks..feel free if you want to..
Pandora (Apr 2, 2004)
Wow..beautifully done
Wraith (Apr 6, 2004)
Really nice! :D
drawn in 2 hours 25 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Public Boards/Beginner 
davincipoppalag (Feb 6, 2004)
My second post..trying to get used to the tools...
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supermonkey (Feb 6, 2004)


Welcome to 2draw! And nicely drawn boat. I can naver get the rigging right. Don't forget to read the rules, I guess. <:D
concannon (edited Feb 6, 2004)
Ahaha, it's great when we get people that aren't even mods telling n00bs to read the rules. *amused*

Nice pic, by the way. I like the water.
Alicia (Feb 6, 2004)
This is so cool, Neado!,as we used to say as kids.:) It would make for a great print set.
laurael (Feb 18, 2004)
Again, a beautiful pic. Love the reflection on the water...great stuff.
drawn in 7 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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