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Hakkai (Sep 19, 2007)
At Tate Street Coffee, I drink mango madness instead! :9

Infact, I only go there for that frozen mango juice.
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davincipoppalag (Sep 19, 2007)
Man and lady go to shop. Lady stay. Mango.
Jodylicious (Nov 9, 2007)
I missed your artz! :D
camadeon (Nov 9, 2007)
Naw, I hate coffe.... and love mango, but I don't think I've ever tasted it as a drink...
Hah, great one dave.... "man-go"
Sweetcell (Nov 9, 2007)
Coffee? I'm on my eighth cup.
Yummy lineart and colorings.
drawn in 2 hours 9 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Lore_V_of_BlackHat (Jun 25, 2007)
Just kidding.....>:D
Its been since a long time since I have drawn a decent picture of I.F and as well a black and white one too.....D:>
So came a cross to combine my too long time passion and boom I came across with this drawing...:D
But any ways my friends I'll saythis picture is dedicated to a friend who have been memo me almost every day until recently, I really enjoy talking in memo, who ever wishes to talk with me is welcome to do so...:D
But any ways when I ever talk to her she always seem to talk about I.F more than about I.T, I have notice that she might like I.F alot like the rest of you my friends like I.T, so heres a something of I.F just to remind all of you that he is there inside I.T waithing to come out and make your greates Fantasy to come true.....:D
Let me say that this picture is a special thanks from me for all of my friends out there who have supported me and loved my art in here in 2draw........:D
Thanks for being here for and now I got 2 go on in drawing.......>:D
...............Logging of Lore.V...............
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Sweetcell (Jul 3, 2007)
Nice finish, and I'm glad you kept the bg. No wonder you want him around when IT shows up, looks like he could take him (but oops, he already did away with your in my pic..... too bad) ;)
squee (Jul 16, 2007)
You draw wings so damn good. :]
deathking (Jul 16, 2007)
I love that effect you give the wings with the bubbles and stars, makes the whole picture a lot more eye catching.
Tai_Chi (edited Jul 21, 2007)
This is lovely... just like all of your other drawing ^-^
You're sooooo talented, I wish I could be like yuuuh *drools* o.o
;-; So purdy!

XD In the first sketch he has six fingers!
drawn in 12 hours with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Sweetcell (Jul 15, 2007)
Icon, of course.
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Sweetcell (Jul 16, 2007)
Why thank you DK, frankly his face is a little off (his nose was driving me bonkers) but I didn't want to spend an uber amount of time on it.
He's mah boy, yes.
And man does he eat it. A gastrinomical feast of sugery goodness. :D
Tankie my friends.
clover_pocky (Jul 16, 2007)

I love Gir. He's so sweet. You've really captured the style of Johnen very nicely. <3
gizemko3 (Jul 17, 2007)
cuute. i wanna a cookie too...
Lore_V_of_BlackHat (Jul 18, 2007)
Yes more Gir icons.......:D
When ever I see Gir it always reminds me of you my friend......>:D
Nice to see Gir once again from you......XD
.............Logging of Lore.V...........
drawn in 1 hour 47 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Main Forums/Drawing Discussion 
Questioon for you all.
squee (Jul 16, 2007)
Where the heck can I find a good tablet that doesn't cost a fortune? I'm wasting away over hereee. T-T
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Hotaru-chan and Hakkai (Jun 7, 2007)
Hehe, I'm so obsessed with Super Junior right now! XD

It's been a while since I've drawn on 2Draw... I didn't want to come back until I thought my drawing skills improved at least a little bit more so I could finally come to the intermediate board. ^^;;

I'll finish tomorrow (school's out, yay!) or sometime this weekend or something, and I'll polish up the description. :U

p.s. reference photo used. :3
p.p.s. I know, my korean handwriting = ugly because I'm still working on it. XD
p.p.p.s. The timer is wrong too because I was watching a movie.
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squee (Jul 16, 2007)
ha! the one with the scarf is all " <3"
drawn in 3 hours 54 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
broken-lock14 (Oct 29, 2006)
Kyo, from Dir en Grey. Before he got LAME. >:c
Hopefully I'll be seeing Diru in February. D8

I should draw Shinya next.
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George_Goat (Jul 1, 2007)

Looks just as wonderful as the original picture. Great job!

<333 He is so silly 8D
pancakes_rock (Jul 2, 2007)
OooOoo nice love da hair OuO
Rukia (Jul 6, 2007)
Made me laugh :3
squee (Jul 16, 2007)
fancy a spoon :]
drawn in 16 hours with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Dromophobic_o.o (Dec 22, 2006)
13+ for [more] future blood.:]
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Juni_gatsu (Dec 23, 2006)
Sweet action pose. Your solids amaze me.
Dromophobic_o.o (Dec 23, 2006)
:0 thank youu :]
Sweetcell (Dec 23, 2006)
Woo woo woo, love the gore in pictures. Nice pencil technique.
squee (Feb 18, 2007)
your art makes me jealous
drawn in 1 hour 46 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
fleeting_memory (Oct 20, 2006)
WAY oldschool. For Squee!
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cmb (Dec 5, 2006)
Adam West to the life! great draw!
squee (Dec 18, 2006)
GASP! I LOVE THE OLDSCHOOL BATMAN! IT'S THE BEST! This picture is friggin sweet fleet. :3 Thanks a lot. It made my day. Sorry it took so long to reply and see it Dx school computers blocked 2draw!
EngineerErrant (Dec 23, 2006)
"It's just one of those days a guy can't get rid of a bomb!" HOLY SCHTICK BATMAN! I forgot all about Adam!
Pakasutemanshikuka (Dec 23, 2006)
Great job!
and, oh, this reminds me of this :]
drawn in 3 hours 34 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Lore_V_of_BlackHat (Nov 17, 2006)
Its been since some time I haven't drawn him or colored in pixel style.........:*
I really enjoy alot doing pixel drawings but some times it takes some time to finish them......X*
Well will finish tomorrow, until then my friends enjoy this unfinish picture for the mean time...........:D
..........Logging of Lore.V...............
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Lore_V_of_BlackHat (Nov 20, 2006)
drawn in 1 hour 37 min
Well this didn't took me an hour to finish this, I just when to talk with my dad of something really important im the mather..........:]
But well is now finish so enjoy my friends.......>:D
SpikeStutters (Nov 20, 2006)
I rally like your use of solids. Very nice job!
Lore_V_of_BlackHat (Nov 21, 2006)
Thanks for the comment my friend........:]
.............Logging of Lore.V.............
squee (Nov 23, 2006)
I love this guy's hair <3
drawn in 3 hours 18 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
Lore_V_of_BlackHat and squee (Sep 14, 2006)
Hy every body........:]
Well here a collaboration between me Lore.V and my friend Squee..........:]
She asked me that she wanted to make a collab with me and that she wanted to color one of my outline drawings...........>]
I really got exited so I told her what should I draw for her to color, she told me that any drawing will be ok........So trughout thinking I ended up choosing him........I just get alot of fun drawing him, so I hope Squee gets to have alot of fun coloring him as much as I did drawing him.............:]
......................Logging of Lore.V.............
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squee (Oct 18, 2006)
drawn in 6 min
Moo. I left a surprise on the top top top layer :3
Lore_V_of_BlackHat (Oct 18, 2006)
Squee you little devil........:]
I really love the surprice you made, when I saw it in the animation I started to crack up[ alot.......XD
I really how you color him......If you need help in the background just let me know ok........:]
...........Logging of Lore.V..........
Lore_V_of_BlackHat (Nov 13, 2006)
drawn in 33 min
Hahahahahaha just something for backgroung my friend.....:D
I really liked the colors you add for background, so I coudn't resist to add this on, so what you think Squee should we call this finish or you want to add in some more or change it?......What you say.....:]
Theres a surprice in this on the top layer for you Squee.....>:D
squee (Nov 23, 2006)
HAHAHAH! Yeah we'll call it done. :3
drawn in 4 hours 37 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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