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pray4love, colls, Hakkai, squee, mist-Hunter, and more... (Jul 31, 2006)
Im startingto draw cloud and coloring him. then his character will be taken. must be all of hte main characters, and maybe a lifestream or geostigma background?

and if you have to ask what the Lifestream or Geostigma is, you might not be able to join.
39 comments – latest 4:
taru_cha (Aug 24, 2006)
drawn in 4 min
whooooa look! i made more room 8D
pray4love (Aug 25, 2006)
Deformed (Dec 17, 2006)
Pray4Love, mind unlocking this?
pray4love (Mar 4, 2007)
i didn't lock it. didja get to do it yet?
drawn in 4 hours 58 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
mist-Hunter and Drace (Aug 9, 2006)
this is a little collab that I'm doing with my friend drace.
1 comment – latest 1:
diablo_fan (edited Aug 9, 2006)
might wanna move the nose to the left a little
drawn in 5 hours 48 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
mist-Hunter, squee, and Deformed (Jul 29, 2006)
1:00 am here got bored so I wanted to start a neat little fma collab all the sins are needed besides Greed(mine) and Envy(judas-priest) but hoping to get alot more people into it.
14 comments – latest 4:
SanzoGirl (Aug 1, 2006)
Can I draw Wrath? :3
mist-Hunter (Aug 2, 2006)
Sanzo can draw wrath
NOVEMBER93 (Aug 2, 2006)
Can I draw Sloth?
mist-Hunter (Aug 3, 2006)
sure nove
drawn in 1 hour 16 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
there it's done my picture of sparda,I'm amazed that I drew this picture so thats a first time on the com I mean look at my other pics never this good. lol
reference: Divine's picture I'm sorry if it looks to much like your style
4 comments – latest 4:
mist-Hunter (edited Jun 22, 2006)
no I like the chain but we need to make a dark background to make the picture perfect lol
Maiko (Jun 25, 2006)
Didn't you referrence this from Divine Star's picture? :\
shouldn't you link the source?
Backstabbed_and_broken (Jun 26, 2006)
can i make the backround?ill try the hardest i have ever tryed
Backstabbed_and_broken (Jun 26, 2006)
drawn in 19 min
i went for cool,did i get it? o.o
drawn in 5 hours 18 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
mist-Hunter and judas-priest66610 (Jun 4, 2006)
a pic of a fallen angel...............i can't color at all that is the proplem i need someone to color him for me i cannot do it at all.
3 comments – latest 4:
renire (edited Jun 5, 2006)
I would'nt mind coloring him...? :) I'll try. :D
mist-Hunter (Jun 5, 2006)
sure ^^
judas-priest66610 (Jun 10, 2006)
drawn in 13 min
it is not done
colls (Jul 30, 2006)
I thikn it's going to look fan-tabulous. :)
drawn in 2 hours 30 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
This is seraphon, he is amost finished, need to do more shading. This picture is for my friend Ferril-sama.
17 comments – latest 4:
xiahou_dun_rocks (Jun 30, 2006)
the hair is all like SHINY and stuffs!
SanzoGirl (Jul 6, 2006)
drawn in 52 min
Okay, done. ^_^
I hope you like it!
If you don't, uhm, I'm sorry. >_>;
judas-priest66610 (Jul 8, 2006)
sorry i havnt been on. I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!! u made it look better then i had it ^^ Thank you so much
Sweetcell (edited Jul 10, 2006)
I really think the eyes need to be fixed, lowered and the left (on our right) needs to be brought in closer to the nose. I liked the eyes in V2 myself.

Love the fishnet, and hey, little pubes.

The background in V2 was better as well.
drawn in 4 hours 38 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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