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Rosemary (1 day 18 hours ago)
Oohhh it works on my iPad!! Touch of problem with undo button leaving fragments behind but I don’t know if that’s me and my rubbish internet or not... anyway I’m so happy!
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davincipoppalag (1 day 17 hours ago)
marcello (1 day 15 hours ago)
Rosemary: it's a bug in lascaux sketch, probably won't fix it, though, sorry!
drawn in 32 min with Lascaux Sketch
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Black_Bird (6 days ago)
I check here once in awhile and it looks like it is working again kinda, the pen pressure doesn't work but ah well.
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marcello (edited 3 days ago)
Might be possible to get pressure working, I’ll do some brainstorming on that.

Update: yea, it’s possible. I’ll add it to the site this weekend.
Black_Bird (3 days ago)
marcello (3 days ago)
Alright, I’ve pushed up support for tablet pressure. No JTablet required!
Black_Bird (1 day 5 hours ago)
drawn in 37 min with Lascaux Sketch
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Java Issues
foxman8245 (Jan 18, 2020)
Where can I find the Java tutorial? I haven't been on here in several years, finally figured out my login and it's saying java not enabled when I try to draw something?
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Why aren't the drawing tools working, the java isn't working!
Purplemartin (Sep 5, 2015)
I've tried three browsers, this is for beginning drawing...
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hi, i dumped java 8,got an old one;this site---
clarachan1355 (May 12, 2017) --this site says i did not enable the java--=-but I jusr did!! i got an old java, and dumped no. 8, and installed no. 7 or 6.--HOW DO I ENABLE IT?? I DID everything!! i cannot do all that "socket solution", i don't know how!! too complicated!!!this windows fiasco has destroyed all the art sites!!NONE OF THEM WORK!! iT'S horrible!! f---- Oracle!!--the only site that "kind-of" works with Java is "Chicken Smoothie" cuz its taken care of by a moderator,Ja...
Main Forums/Drawing Discussion 
clarachan1355 (May 31, 2017)
--ESPECIALLY any one who can tell me, how many pixels(number)I must put in shi-painter applet,size,or amt.?? has anyone been here, since 2019?? anyone still alive here? thank you for helpful info.
New server!
marcello (Jun 16, 2016)
After several months of work, I've finally moved to a new server. Everything should be working the same, but let me know if you see anything weird. The new server is now encrypting everything with HTTPS. It might also be faster. Also note that if you were adding an Java security exception for the old server IP address (, that won't work anymore. You should be able to now add as an exception in Java applet preferences.
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java socket not upload
dorothyblueeyes (Sep 16, 2015)
"java.not socket permission-"connect resolve" sendE"--- after i run the applet, do the art, it will not upload, gives me this f---- sign. and says "yes". who in hell made this crappy stuff, demons? i am not a f--- engineer!!
I would like to delete an old account
letitbeso (edited May 17, 2016)
I made an account about 10 or so years ago, it keeps coming up when I search my name, I'd like to get it removed since I don't want job searches to see it. It also has some personal information that I would rather not have out there. That e-mail address has long been forgotten. There's no contact info anywhere on the site that I can find and I'd like to have it dealt with. Can anyone help me??
2draw for iPhone and iPad
marcello (Feb 29, 2016)
So, I've been working on a spin-off 2draw app for iPhone/iPad. Since the existing 2draw tools don't work on mobile, I've built a new simple drawing app and bare-bones community. The app is pretty rough right now, but it's functional enough that I'm looking for a couple testers to help kick the tires. There are three requirements to apply: you've drawn here before, have an iPhone or iPad, and are willing to put up with bugs. Interested? Tell me why. Cheers, Marcello
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