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Realname: dave beaty

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I want to get better..criticisms are welcome.. (tips are even better!)

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Well.. as of today it no longer works for me either..crap
4 replies
davincipoppalag (Jul 23, 2017)
aww Well Hi Jana!
0 replies
davincipoppalag (Jul 12, 2017)
Kids are pretty smart
1 reply
shults (Nov 30, 2014)
Timely wisdom from the past
0 replies
davincipoppalag (Jan 28, 2014)
Happy Birthday Sept 5 enjoydotcom
4 replies
Axil62 (Sep 11, 2013)
Doggone it
4 replies
davincipoppalag (Dec 11, 2012)
I found out a girl who works in my office went.. apparently her husband has some kind of connection....
Legal Pot
18 replies
karl (Dec 5, 2012)
for being such a good artist you're a terrible photographer. nice crops though
3 replies
dorothyblueeyes (Sep 14, 2012)
yeah, do you suppose they get PAID by how many sites they can spam successfully?
Happy Birthday Joycie
2 replies
shults (Sep 9, 2012)
Oh, happy birthday woman! may you have a year full of great little moments. :D
April 30 Happy Birthday Moosh
5 replies
Moosh (May 1, 2012)
haha thanks. :)
Another use for Rubik's Cubes.. amazing
6 replies
TheCrimsonKing (Feb 1, 2012)
Yet another use for Rubik's Cubes. Korean pregnancy test
Wait and see if it doesn't happen...
1 reply
shults (Oct 18, 2011)
Who's this guy?
WTF?? about 75 new names when I looked all with emails from 163
9 replies
lori (Sep 4, 2011)
I don't blame you Joyce... I don't get it either.
Totally on the mark... totally
3 replies
Wraith (Aug 14, 2011)
Holy shit! He is on the mark. And I get constantly harrased for student loans, even when I served my...
Iraq v/s Libya
26 replies
Axil62 (Apr 8, 2011)
Just logged in to see if you replied. I'll be right back (have to take someone to take someone somew...
Obama macroeconomics
2 replies
davincipoppalag (Nov 22, 2010)
It's all pretty sick...
WTF is this crap?
8 replies
Flubbles (May 27, 2010)
7 replies
davincipoppalag (Apr 2, 2010)
hehe sorry.. machines that dont work make me say things like darn and heck and shucks
Stand by Me
10 replies
Kloxboy (Apr 23, 2009)
Who doesn't love Pat Condell? I agree with him most of the time, especially when it comes to religio...
This guy nailed it on the head
8 replies
Miss_DJ (Apr 20, 2009)
Standing O for Mr. Knox!
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